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The WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST is a unique world-wide contest intended to promote the multi-mode skill of the ham contest community in one single 24-hour period competition. The GADX Araucaria Dx Group together with the majority of the Brazilian Contest and DX Clubs (list attached), based upon the success of the IRON MAN and some other multi-sports competitions, are sponsoring a different contest alternative where the competitors must use several alternatives to test their skills in different ham radio modes on all bands around the clock for 24 hours.

The Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissão (LABRE) is officially supporting the contest in line with the joint effort Brazilian tradition.

The objectives of the contest:
To promote the union of all radio amateurs in the world;
To promote, CW, PHONE and DIGITAL modes to the entire ham radio community;
To promote the integration of different mode operators around the world. To promote the integration of IT technologies with the Ham Radio competition.
To promote and stimulate the ability for contest planning
To drastically shorten the time for log submission and results publication
To create contest alternatives for ham competition.


The second full weekend of June for 24 hours starting Saturday 12:00 UTC and ending Sunday 11:59 UTC.


Bands: 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m;
The 24 hours contest is organized to have 8 hours of operation on each mode in periods no shorter than one hour. So if the participant SOAB or M/2AB  start  an  operation in  one  specific  mode  the  operator(s) must remain on this mode for at least one hour.
During each period no shorter than one hour, a station (SOAB or M/2AB)
may only use one mode.
Each participant should operate no more than 8 hours on each mode, independently of the number of periods no shorter than one hour he takes

Totally free band change
Contacts must be made within the modes and sub-bands assigned. Contest planning is a must for this contest


4.1.SOAB Single Operator All bands
For all Single Operator categories, only one person (the operator) can contribute to the final score during the official contest period.


4.1.1 Single Operator: Those stations at which one person performs all operating, logging, and spotting functions.
4.1.2 Single Operator participants may change bands without restrictions. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time. Total output shall not exceed 1500 W
4.1.3.  Transmitters  and  receivers  must  be  located  within  a  500-meter diameter  circle.  All  antennas  used  by  an  entrant  must  be  physically connected to the transmitters by wires (feeders).

4.2. M2 AB – Multi-operators two Transmitters

4.2.1. Only two transmitted signals at any given time. More than two different transmitters can be used but only two may be active at any given time. The competitors in this category must prove that they have used a mechanism which prevents more than two signals being transmitted at the same time during all 24 hours. The organizers will use special means to check this rule.
4.2.2. If the SOAB, or M2AB participants works a station on a different mode than the chosen mode, the QSOs will count 0 points without penalties. Please do not delete these QSOs as it will aid in the log cross- checking  process. Such  contacts  will  count  for  the  station  worked  in accordance with the present rules.
4.2.3.  Due  to  the  character  of  this  contest,  there  are  no  separate categories for single-band operation or other limited band/mode operation. However,  we  encourage  participation of  stations  with  restricted  mode operation and restricted band operation
4.2.4. Mode Operation Periods
Each mode, CW, SSB, RTTY, can be used for a maximum of 8 hours, in periods of time no shorter than one hour each.  If only 1 or 2 modes are used, consequently the total participation time is limited to respectively 8 or 16 hours.

4.3. Packet Cluster & IT Technologies:
DXCluster - The use of DXCluster network is allowed for all categories. The participants can receive information from DXCluster, however is strictly prohibited to seft-spot or request, by any means, that others announce you during the contest.

Promoting a gradual enlargement of the integration between contests and new IT technologies the WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST will, in the future, create new categories to motivate remote operation or other new technologies.


All same-mode-two-way contacts between stations in the same Entity (country) or  different  Entities  (countries)  and  Continents  are  allowed  and  valid.  For definition of Entities, the official DXCC lists applies. The same station can be contacted on all bands and all modes.


We suggest the use of IRON HAM, or IH for the contest, but it is allowed to use simply “CQ test” and from time to time an indication that is IRON HAM Contest.


All stations: send RS, or RST + CQ ZONE


8.1. For all participants:
QSO with same Entity: 1 point;
QSO with other Entities on same Continent: 2 points; QSO with other continents: 3 points.


The multiplier is the number of entities and zones worked by mode independently of the band.
Multipliers are counted once per mode but not per band Entity and zone multipliers are according to the DXCC list. The /MM stations are not multipliers but count 3 points.


The  sum  of  points  obtained  on  a  specific  mode,  multiplied  by  the  sum  of multipliers (Entities + Zones) for that mode is the final score for that mode.
The total score is the sum of the scores for each mode.


Excess of unique calls, wrong calls, not in log, will be penalized according to the well known UBN log checking system as described on section 15.

Apart from that penalties terms mentioned above, the following is also forbidden: Using any IP net for the remote transceiving, including web radio stations; Self-spotting and soliciting contacts by any non-amateur means during the contest;
Using any other call sign than the participation call sign for;
Holding the operating frequency on other bands or making schedules; All other self-spotting manners.
Our aim is to maintain a fair competition and prevent unfair and unsportsmanlike
operations and/or procedures. The decisions of the contest committee are final.


Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band and mode. If the first contact between stations is valid, dupes have 0 points value. If the first contact is not valid, a second (dupe) contact is accepted.
Dupe contacts are not penalized;
There is no need to mark them in the log submission.
Moreover, entrants are strictly recommended to leave DUPES in the log. DO NOT DELETE DUPES!


We need electronics logs! The WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST requires electronic logs for every possible high-scored entry.
Submit your log in the CABRILLO format created by all major logging programs;
All times must be UTC;
All sent and received exchanges are to be logged;
Filename for the log should be your_call.log and must be sent as an attachment;
Logs submitted as plain-text email are also acceptable;

In the header of the electronic log submission you MUST specify the category of participation and the full postal address for dispatch to the participant the results, trophies, awards and certificates. A written declaration is not necessary;
Points and final score calculations are not necessary, calculations are done by our software;
Logs must be submitted to the contest sponsors within 72 hours. We will recognize and additional time for DX-pedition or areas where internet is not available.
Electronic logs must be submitted via e-mail to: Be sure to put the station call sign in the "Subject:" line. The server will automatically acknowledge your e-mail log within 48 hours;


All competitors whose are competing for the top 5 scores, or records in each category must maintain availability of a digital recording of all 24 hours of the contest. The judging committee reserves the right to request such file at any time during the log checking procedures.


All " WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST and related information (Rules, claimed/confirmed scores, FAQ, additional information) will be posted at the website of the GADX - ARAUCARIA DX GROUP  and the other Brazilian Contest Clubs web addresses accordingly with list attached.
The results will be published at our above web address.
All participants, who send a Cabrillo log via e-mail, will receive a UBN-list with the claimed/confirmed results listed separately by mode period and a QSO list, containing errors and errors by worked stations.
Penalties consist the loss of the invalid contact including multiplier credit plus the removal of triple QSO points, and are assessed accordingly:
Incorrectly logged calls (Bad Call) Incorrectly logged exchange numbers
QSO not present in the other station log (NIL) QSO are neither counted nor penalized for the following:
Other station incorrectly logged entrant's call
Other station incorrectly logged entrant's exchange number
QSO time in entrant's log and other station's log difference is more than 3 minutes (except systematic computer errors).
QSO bands or modes in entrant's log and other station's log differ. Dupe QSO which is not in the other station's log.


16.1. World Champion SOAB
The highest SOAB score independently of Continent will receive a special trophy, the IRON HAM.

16.2. World Champion M2AB
The highest M2AB score a special trophy. IRON HAM TEAM

16.3. Plaques
The highest score for each Continent and Category will receive a special plaque.

16.4. Certificates
All highest scores in each category and each Country will receive a certificate mentioning the score and position in his Country and Continent.

16.5. Results:
THE WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST has a firm commitment to gradually reduce the timing for results publication. We will start in the 2012 Contest with an objective to announce the results within 60 days. The results are going to be published on the GADX web page and also in the other Brazilian DX Clubs pages accordingly with list attached.

17. Special Internal competition:

We will use the WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST to promote other aspects of the competition. We will annually and gradually add new aspects of competition and recognition.
In 2012 we will issue special certificates for
Best mode period score SOAB and M2
Best hour QSOs rate for each mode period (CW,PHONE & RTTY)   for

18. Special prize:

The WORLD WIDE IRON HAM CONTEST is offering to the SOAB winner and one representative of the M2 winner a special prize of 4 days free accommodation in any Brazilian City with a Contest Station combined with total free  contest participation. Before the  contest we  will announce a  list  of  the city/stations available and the winners can make their choice accordingly.

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