Saturday, March 3, 2012

Contest Station K5ZD

Contest Station K5ZD

Tower 1 - 100' Rohn 45G

100 feet Rohn 45G containing:
Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 110'
Stack of Hygain 205CA @ 100'/50' (bottom one fixed NE)
Stack of Hygain 155CA @ 70'/35' (bottom one fixed NE)
Inverted Vee for 75/80m with apex at 95'
160m elevated vertical (wire from top of tower)
Looking up Tower 1 from the bottom.

Tower 2 - 90' Rohn 25G

Supporting the following antennas:
6-el 10m Yagi @ 90'
4/4 Cushcraft 10-4CD @ 60'/30'
80m wire 4 square
Shunt feed tower for 160m
40m sloping dipole to West
The three 10m antennas can be fed together through a WX0B StackMatch.

View of Both Towers

Here is one of the few shots that can show both towers. Tower 2 (90' Rohn 25G) is on the left and Tower 1 (100' Rohn 45G) is on the right.

The two towers sit on top of a small hilltop. Spacing is about 130 feet (40m).

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