Saturday, March 3, 2012

Contest station OH0Z

The Antenna System at OH0Z

The antenna system at OH0Z consists of two rotating towers with 14 yagis on them and one fixed tower with a single 10 meter yagi.

Tower #1 (42m) has 4 stacked tribanders at 9 meter intervals + 2 over 2 yagis for 40 meters at 19/42 meters. The radiation patterns of the stacks on 40 and 15 meters speak for themselves.

Tower #2 (30m) has a 4el yagi for 10 meters, 3 over 3 over 3 yagis for 15 meters, 3 over 3 yagis for 20 meters and a 2 element yagi for 40 meters.

Tower #3 has a 4 element monobander for ten meters.

On 80m we´re still searching for that ultimate "killer array".
Our next project is an inverted-V wire yagi between two towers.

On 160m we have a vertical and beverage receiving antennas.

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