Friday, March 16, 2012



The Golist QSL Manager Data Service is reviving its QSL Manager of the Year Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize the service of QSL Managers world wide for the service they provide to the World Wide DX Community Nominations for this award will be accepted by the Golist from DX and Contest clubs, world wide, for the year of 2012. Ending Date: August 1, 2012 Each DX club and Contest club is encouraged to poll their members for their nominations for the Top 5 QSL Managers for 2012.

The definition of a QSL Manager for this award is any person who confirms contacts via printed QSL Card for any station other than their Primary Call Sign.

Each club should tabulate the votes of their members and submit to the Golist the Top 5 vote getters, as voted by members of their club.

Votes should be tabulated and sent to the Golist by August 1, 2012, to be eligible for the QSL Manager of the Year award.

Each club world wide may only send one submission for voting purposes. Records of submission will be maintained by the Golist A plaque, donated by DX Publishing, Inc., publisher of QRZ-DX and THE DX MAGAZINE, will be awarded to the QSL Manager of the Year selected, at the W4DXCC Convention held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in September 2012.

The recognized format for your clubs submission is as follows: Club Name; Club Officer (Name, Call Sign, club office and email address); Top 5 QSL Manager Nominees (list name and callsign).

In the subject line of your official email: *QSL Manager of the Year-2012* and send to: <>.

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