Friday, March 30, 2012


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Learn how you can benefit from the CWops CW Academy

For the beginner
1. Want to communicate with fellow hams around the world using even a modest rig and antenna?
2. Want to stay in touch when on vacation to some remote area where you don't have access to a repeater or cell phone service?
3. Want to meet a whole new community of amateurs that share a common bond?
4. Want to expand your operating capabilities with little or no cost?

If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, then becoming skilled in CW is the answer.

CWops CW Academy advisors are ready and willing to teach you a new skill that will open a world of fun and opportunity
For those having experience with CW who want to improve or regain proficiency

1. I am getting bored with voice and digital modes
2. My CW skills are not what they used to be
3. I'm too rusty or embarrassed to get back on CW
4. I want to be able to copy in my head

If you know the code but are rusty, can't copy or send as proficiently as you once could, then CWops CW Academy is right for you
For those that want something new but are not confident to take the plunge

1. I love chasing DX and I want to try something new
2. I like contesting and would like to be better at CW radiosport
3. I've tried CW learning aids but nothing seems to work for me
4. CW intrigues me but I'm worried about the challenge

If this sounds like you, then CWops CW Academy is absolutely right for you and is available to anyone, anywhere --- membership in CWops is not required.

Sign up now to talk with one of our CWops CW Advisors and learn what CW Academy can do for you.


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