Monday, March 12, 2012

PSK Tutorial by K7AGE

PSK Tutorial by K7AGE (videos)

Source: QRP ARCI
If you ever wanted to get into digital communications but thought setting up all those interfaces was too much trouble, try watching this video.
Randy K7AGE shows just how easy it is to receive PSK31 with a ham receiver, a PC and a cheap PC microphone.

After sampling PSK31 you may want to create a permanent setup using a dedicated interface. Randy has created a second tutorial explaining the use of interfaces and describing a few that can be bought ready made 

Of course, you may be reading this at work or in hotel room. Randy has thought of that ! If you have no radio or microphone available you can still download a digi-mode software package. Then use it to decode the signals in the video below. It was recorded on 11 August 2007 and will give you a taste of what 20m sounds like in California.

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