Thursday, March 1, 2012

3D2YA FIJI from OC-156 in 20112

3D2YA FIJI from OC-156 in 20112 

Friday, November 11, 2011

3D2YA from OC-156 in 2012

Yageta island, Yasawa Group, Fiji
I am planning to stay at Yangeta island, Yasawa Group, Fiji in March, 2012.  This will be 3rd visit in Fiji.
Stay tuned........

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3D2YA from OC-156 in 2012 Update

3D2YA's plan by JA1NLX as of Nov. 18, 2011

Callsign: 3D2YA
QTH: Yangeta Island, Yasawa Group, Fiji  IOTA OC-156
Schedule: Mar 15 to Mar 21, 2012
Band, Mode: 3.5 - 28MHz CW/RTTY/SSB  mainly in CW
Transceiver: FT-857D/100w
Antennas: Vertical Dipole, Bravo-5 by N6BT for 14 - 28MHz and Random wire with ATU for other Bands.
QSL info: You may send your QSL to JA1NLX. I will QSL for all QSOs via buro. Log will be uploaded on LoTW when I come home. Direct QSL will be welcomed with SASE (1 IRC or 2 US$)

Others: I will upload daily topic on this page and the latest Log on ClubLog server if good internet is available.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3D2YA from OC-156 in 2012 Update

Expected Antenna for 20-10m Band will be Bravo-5 vertical Dipole by N6BT.
It is very small but effective antenna. I modified a little bit to be packed in standard suitcase. The longest pipe is now under 70cm.

This is Bravo-5 at test site near my house and a example of SWR. The Band width seems about 200KHz on 20m.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

No more Elecraft radio

Elecraft does not allow us to order their product directly because they only distribute via Japanese distributor.  I have owned Elecraft radios, K1, KX1, K2 and K3 and I payed a lot.

Elecraft announced they accept KX3 order and our distributor also announced. Look at following price list for KX3 Kit (with no option).

Elecraft says: $899.95  This will be about 80 Yen x 899.95 = 72,000 Yen
Our distributor says: 132,200 Yen

As I have TS-590 and K3 so for me KX3 is not base radio but DX vacation radio. KX3 need external AMP to get 100w.
As I have FT-857, K2 and Eagle which all run 100w so KX3 is not attractive at all.

If I want to replace these radios for DX vacation in near feature then I will look for a way to buy directly (not via our distributor)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3D2YA from OC-156 in 2012 Update

Transceiver and his staff are under testing.

Transceiver: FT857. This is his 3rd trip to 3D2.
microHAM CW Keyer: I always take him to South Pacific. Very useful for CAT and sending CW.
SignaLink USB: This is his first trip to South Pacific. Useful for Digital mode.
GHD mini Paddle: CW message is sent mainly by Logger32 macro and sometimes by this paddle. Very light and small.
W1 Power Meter: I always take him to South Pacific. Very light.
MFJ-4125 (not in this picture):  Power supply
MSI-U100 Mobile PC. Logger32 installed. (not in this picture)

Total weight above is under 6Kg

Note: K3 is not member of this team. I can not take him because he is too large and heavy !!

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