Friday, March 2, 2012

Contest station IU2D


The Set-Up and the Antenna Park 

10 MIC775 + PA5+5 ele monoband + 6 ele monoband
15 MIC775 + PA6+6 ele monoband + 6 ele monoband
20 MIC775 + PA6+5 ele monoband at 90 degree
40 MIC781 + PA3 ele full size + dipole
80 MIC775 + PAfull size vertical elevated radials + sloping dipole + 2 beverages
160 MIC775 + PAfull size vertical air-ballon + dipole + 2 beverages

Antenna park south-viewThe Antenna Park South View
L to R: The 15m stack; the full-size 80 m quasi-vertical; the 40m beam;
the 20m tower; the 10m stack in the background

Antenna park south east-view with climber
The Antenna Park South East View
L to R: The full-size 80 m quasi-vertical; the 15m stack; the 20m rotating tower;
the 40m tower; IK4MTF climbing the 10m tower

The 10m Stack
The 10 Meter 5 over 5 monoband stack

IK2QEI climbing the 10m tower
IK2QEI free-climbing the 10m lowered tower

The 5+5 bottom-up
The 10m 5+5 bottom-up view

The 15m Stack
The 15 Meter 6 over 6 monoband stack

The 6+6 bottom-up
The 15m 6+6 stack bottom-up view

The 40m beam
The 40 Meter 3 elements full-size monoband

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