Wednesday, May 20, 2015

YF1AR, DAMN!!!, I love YB-land

DAMN!!!, I love YB-land

This is the the man behind ..........

4 NEW Island (RSGB IOTA OC-272, OC-273, OC-275, OC-295 for YB) and rare IOTA .........
6 NEW LightHouse (ARLHS LH IDO-376, IDO-378, IDO-381, IDO-384, IDO-386, IDO-387) and rare LH ..........
2 NEW Flora & Fauna ( YBFF-025, YBFF-016)  ........
the one and only who QRV from portable /0,/1,/2,/3,/4,/5,/6,/7,/8,/9, from Sabang till Merauke, .........

the one and only who QRV from SW Moluccas with 3 IOTA and 8 islands, from Lirang till Masela, .........
the one and only who QRV from OC-177 for 9 island, including 3 ybff park and 2 lighthouse, ..........
the one and only who QRV from YB land outermost island for 9 island,.........
Nusantara Award Activator for 40 Island
ARLHS LightHouse Activator for 20 Lighthouse

RRC Russian Robinson Club Best World IOTA Expedition 2015
RSGB IOTA 50th Marathon Diamond Activator
RSGB IOTA 50th Marathon 2nd World Plaque Winner
The Longest IOTA DXpedition ever done, YF1AR/8, Moluccas IOTA Tour, Oct, Nov, Dec 2015


DAMN!!!, I love YB-land, the largest archipelago

CQing is not mandatory, replying CQ is mandatory even only 59 TU, and keep CQing .... especially on IOTA/LH/FF DXpediton

News maker on magazine
CQ Magazine, Awards Column, K1BV, July 2017
CQ Magazine, DX Column, N2OO, April 2016
IOTA Diretory 2014, IOTA Marathon - New IOTA, VE3LYC, May 2014
QST Magazine, How's DX, W3UR, December 2013


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