Saturday, March 3, 2012

Contest station PA1T

Antenna Farm PA1T

The antennas at PA1T are mounted in 3 crank up towers all 18 meters high.
The rotators in tower 1 and 2 are from Prosistel, type PST71. The rotator in tower 3 is a 3 fase motor.
For 160, 80 and 40 I am using a Titanex V160s vertical antenna.
An R8 vertical from Cushcraft is also in use.
For receving ont he low bands I use 3 two-wire beverages. (Only during winter time)

Tower 1

A Force 12 C31xr 3 band yagi is in use for 10 meter (7el) 15 meter (4el) and 20 meter (3el).
For 50 MHz I use a M2 6M7JHV 7 element (10 meter boom).
A 3 band vertical for local talk is on top of the tower.

Tower 2

A 4 element Steppir antenne ius in use for 30 meters and up to 50 MHz.
A 2 band vertical is in use for the packet cluster system.

Tower 3

Tower 3 is the VHF UHF tower.
For 144 MHz 4 5wl M2 antennas are in use (10.5m boom).
For 432 MHz 2 stacked 23 element Cue Dee yagis do the job.
For 23cm and 13cm a 1.2 meter dish is in use.

Low Band

For 160 mter 80 mter and 40 meter I use a V160s from Titanex using elevated radials.
One for 160 meters, two for 80 meter and two for 40 meters.
The vertical is just right from the middle.

Receiving antennas

For the low bands I use 3 two wire beverage antenna’s. (Only during winter time)
4 square 80 meters

During contests as the CQ World Wide and the Dutch PACC I am able to put up a 4 square antenna for 80 meters.
Unfortunately the local comunity leaders does not like it and it’s only up during these contests…….
Yes that’s the Netherlands in 2004.

Multiplier antenna

An Optibeam yagi is in use during the contests as multiplier antenna.

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