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Outside is impressive. The lot sits about 850 ft above sea level. The far-field horizon is negative in nearly all directions, and the view from atop any of the six Rohn 45 towers is breathtaking no matter which way you look. Check out the Visual 360 Degree Tour. Each tower is fed with a combination of hardline and RG/213 type cables. Towers have been recently re-guyed with combinations of Phillystran and 3/16 and 1/4 ehs steel cable. The antenna configurations are as follows:

Tower 1 - 3 ea. 8 element Telrex 15 meter monoband yagis, one rotatable with WXOB Stackmatch and Wilson WR-1000 rotor.

Tower 2 - 3 ea. 5 element KLM 20m monoband yagis, one rotatable with WXOB Stackmatch and Wilson WR-1000 rotor. 1 ea. 80m half square.

Tower 3 - 1 ea. 5 element 15 m monoband fixed yagi. 1 ea. 4 element 6 m fixed yagi 1 ea. 7 element 6 m yagi rotatable 300 degrees (sidemounted) w/Ham IV 1 ea. 6 meter omnidirectional loop 1 ea. 10-30 mhz. M2 log-periodic rotatable yagi antenna with Wilson WR- 1000 rotor 1 ea. WXOB Stackmatch unit for 6m antennas.

Tower 4 - 4 ea. 10m 5 element Telex/Hy-Gain monoband yagi, one rotatable with WX0B StackMaster and Telex/HyGain Tailtwister rotor with RS-232 rotor control box. 1 ea. 5 element 6m M2 rotatable yagi 1 ea. KLM dual polarized 2m rotatable yagi.

Tower 5 - 1 ea.75/ 80 m Telrex rotatable dipole with Wilson WR-1000 rotor 1 ea. 40m delta loop 1 ea. 160m vertical elevated radial ground plane antenna.

Tower 6 - 1 ea. 3 element full-sized 40m DX Engineering rotatable yagi with Dunestar Stackmatch and ProSistel Big Boy Model 61 rotor 1 ea. 2 element 40m Cushcraft yagi 1 ea. 160 m half-sloper.

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10 meter stack

15 meter stack

20 meter stack

40 meter stack

Log Periodic

mutiple towers

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