Monday, June 20, 2011

6Y2A Antennas

Antenna concepts:

Below are the basic configurations of the vertical arrays at 6Y2A. The 1x2 array is a 2 element parasitic vertical Yagi. The vertical elements can be made of 1/4 wave elements, 1/2 wave veritcal dipoles, or in our case, ZR verticals. The 2 element design is very forgiving, and fairly easy to tune up. The 2x2 array are two of the 1x2 arrays fed in phase to produce an uni-direction signal - the 2x2 is a combination of driven and parasitic elements.

The horizontal radiation patterns of the two antenna types are below. The gain of the 2x2 is quite impressive, and the side nulls can be an advantage to null out certain geographic areas.

Check out some photos of some of the 6Y2A antennas!

160m: 2 ele linear loaded vertical fixed due north. Elements are 56' tall. The bamboo pole in right side of the photo is used to support the raised radials (2 per element).

In the background, between the two 160m elements, you can see the one of the two, 2 ele 40 meter ZR arrays (they look like short "T's".

Below are the Force 12 40m ZRs before installation. The antennas are sideways... the capacity hat-like squares go on the top and bottom of the vertical. The squares are actually one-turn open loops, which actually form a one turn inductor. The ZR element is actually comprised of a full half wavelength of tubing (67' in this case), and is a short (16' tall) half wave vertical. While small, these antennas sure play! These 40m ZRs hold the current 40m QSO record in the history of the CQ WW CW contest , in any category. The old 40m QSO record was around 3250 QSOs, but in 1997, 6Y4A made 3775 QSOs. Then in 1998, 6Y2A made 3975 QSOs (claimed).

Part of the 6Y2A vertical forest... in the foreground is a linear loaded 30m vertical, in the center are the European 2x2 arrays for 10m, 15m, and 20m (respectively)

10m Europe 2x2 array. This is a classic photo of this antenna.

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