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Worked All Continents

Worked All Continents

Sponsored by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), the Worked All Continents award is issued for working and confirming all six continents (North America, South America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa) on a variety of different bands and modes. The cost of the WAC and 5 Band WAC certificates are $13.00 per award certificate. For the primary 5 Band WAC you must work 6 continents on each of the 5 bands of 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 Meters. Upon completion of these bands, endorsements are available for remaining amateur bands. Also, this is a band award and modes do not apply towards this award. For US amateurs, cards can be checked by an approved DXCC Card Checker. Return postage for paper cards is required in addition to the award fee. For regular WAC an SASE with 2 units of postage, for 5B WAC an SASE with 4-5 units of postage should suffice.

Applications may also be sent to:
The ARRL Awards Branch
225 Main Street
Newington, CT USA 06111

US applicants must be an ARRL member and foreign non-USA applicants must be a member of an IARU member society. More detailed information regarding awards is available at: .

Confirmations may be submitted in the form of QSL cards with the application form, or, QSOs listed in an applicants DXCC award account in the DXCC computer system. QSO confirmations in ARRLs LogBook of The World (LoTW) system cannot be used for WAC confirmation.

Applicants who use the confirmed QSOs in the DXCC computer system may complete the application form and send it to the WAC desk by regular mail, FAX to (860)594-0346 or as an e-mail attachment to

Applicants sending applications to WAC for contacts confirmed in the DXCC computer system MUST fill in on the application form the QSOs they want to use for WAC confirmation in the space provided.

Photocopies and e-QSLs cannot be accepted for this award

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