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LEARN MORSE CODE in one minute !

LEARN MORSE CODE in one minute !

This is a code listening tool. Print it on your printer.
Place your pencil where it says START and listen to morse code.
Move down and to the right every time you hear a DIT (a dot).
Move down and to the left every time you hear a DAH (a dash).
Here's an example: You hear DAH DIT DIT which is a dash then dot then dot.
You start at START and hear a DAH then move down and left to the T and then you hear a DIT so you move down and RIGHT to the N and then you hear another DIT so you move DOWN and RIGHT again and land on the D
You then write down the letter D on your code copy paper and jump back to START waiting for your next letter.
The key to learning the code is hearing it and comprehending it while you hear it.
The only way to get there is to practice 10 minutes a day.
Listen to code tapes or computer practice code while tracing out this chart and you will find yourself writing down the letters in no time at all without the aid of the chart.
The chart brings repetition together with recognition, which you don't get from any other type of code practice aid.

HEAR slow morse code This code speed is slow enough to follow the chart above.

LEARN the DITs and DAHs with these MP3 files:

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

And the character to emphasize that there she was, she was walking down the street, is :

How to learn morse code. And enjoy it.
Morse code is not a chore. Its a challenge.
Its a challenge of your ability to learn a new language.
And it is truly a language.
There are millions of people who successfully learn a foreign language
so you can be certain that its not so farfetched to think that you too may learn a new language.
The secret to learning a language is to jump into the pool, over your head, totally emerse yourself in your new language.
If you want to speak Chinese then the best way to learn Chinese is to go to China and only hear Chinese.
We all can't do that.
But we can come real close with today's recording technologies with cassette tapes and DVD and CD and MP3 recordings.
Morse code is the same. Listen to it. All the time. It doesn't matter if its just slow or just fast.
It doesn't matter if you do not understand a single word at first.
There are a dozen methods to practice and get your brain to retain what the letters are.
Practice reinforces and recognition will come with practice.
Then... one day ... you start hearing entire words and sentences that make speeds that
you never dreamed you would understand.
Some peple say that you should never use a chart or any visual aid to learn morse code.
All people are created a bit different and what works for some people , does not always work for everyone else.
So don't try just one method to learn morse code. Try a few and decide what works best for you.
This chart at is just one of many methods to learn morse code.
This particular method will work for all ages to immediately put together the noise of morse code with the meaning
of the noise. It does not matter if it is a slow process. All that matters is that your brain gets a chance to connect the dots and make some meaning out of it all.
Many people give up trying to learn morse code beacuse they do not ever get the noise to stick in their brain and recognise what letter they just heard.
This method will sew together that recognition if you practice this method for 10 minutes every day with the
SLOW code A-Z file.
After you no longer need the chart...then...and only then....move on to the faster code practice download files.
There are computer programs that can make morse code to teach you.
I like the software at
I highly recommend you use that software to learn the letters and also to make your own practice audio files.
If you can not make a computer do recordings and carry around MP3 files
then use cassette tapes. They are cheap to make and WALLMART sells casette players for $5.00 now.
The computer programs that generate practice morse code are great
and FREE so have fun with it.
One method to learn morse code is called CODE QUICK.
CODE QUICK has you listen to a letter and associate small sentences with the sounds
of the morse code. An example of this method is to hear the letter K in morse code
which is made up of the sounds DAH DIT DAH.
You hear the DAH DIT DAH and it actually sounds like KANG ga ROOOOO.
So your brain hears the DAH DIT DAH and injects KANGAROO into your minds eye
and you say AH HAA!!!! KANGAROO begins with a K so what I just heard was a K !!!!!
You write down the K and along comes the next letter.
There are SOUND ALIKES for every letter of the alphabet and numbers too.
You are encouraged to make up your own sound alikes for the
letters if you have trouble using the CODE QUICK sound alikes.
CODE QUICK taught me morse code at a time where no other method worked for me.
I did not learn about the LEARNMORSECODE.COM chart until years after I used CODE QUICK.
You can BUY code quick at for around $30.
The methods used at code quick are very straight forward and actually have been around
for many many years before the code quick author published the first code quick
casette tapes and work book course.
I have an uncle that was a code listener during the Vietnam war and one day he visited
me during a morse code contest and very fast morse code was playing on my radio and it
was was too fast for me to understand and my uncle sat down next to me and asked me what I
was doing and I told him I was trying to understand the hailing station but I was too new at
it to understand.
My uncle told me what the station was saying and then told me about his code listening days
so I asked him to respond and he told me that he never sent a single dit in all those years.
All they did was spy on the enemy.
He understood the fastest of the code so I asked my uncle to explain to me the method that
the army used to teach him the code in 1965 and he told me that the army made them memorise little
phrases like a baby crying wants his mother to give him a drink of water and
that sounds like MaWAWA and is the letter W ...DIT DAH DAH.
That just blew my mind because that was precisely what CODE QUICK used to remember W also.
This man was a high speed spy listener that got his first morse code training with this learning method.
So this method truly works but you will have your sticks in the mud old farts telling you
that CODE QUICK sound alikes will only slow you down from learning truly high speed morse code at 20 words per minute.
Well to hell with sticks in the mud.
If you learn morse code at 5 words per minute using sound alikes and have fun with listening
to any morse code then moving up to high speed code will be another challenge and practice
is what makes perfect.
You will find that if you know 5 words per minute slow speed morse code and you listen to
ramp recordings where the letters are played slow at first and then ramp up to real fast
code of the same letters, the ramped up speed will stick to your brain quite
well because you already knew what the slow letters sounded like and you will enjoy the
comprehension instead of being all wrapped up in being lost in fast practice code.

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