Friday, April 6, 2012

ZL9HR - Campbell Island New Zealand DXpedition 2012

ZL9HR - Campbell Island New Zealand DXpedition 2012

The Hellenic Amateur Radio of Association of Australia (HARAOA) is organising a DXpedition to ZL9 Campbell Island (OC-037) New Zealand between November 17th and November 30th 2012.
ZL9 Campbell Island NZ is Number 15 on the current DXCC most wanted list.

The ZL9HR DXpedition team will consist of a total of nine (9) team members.
More details and information including the official website will be available soon.

We are inviting any experienced operators who would like to attend this DXpedition to email for more information.

Tommy Horozakis VK2IR (Team Leader)
John Chalkiarakis VK3YP (Team Co-Leader)

About Campbell Island New Zealand

Perserverance Harbour, Campbell Island

Geographical Information:
52º 33’S, 169º 09’E, in the South Pacific Ocean, 700 km south of New Zealand
Area: 11 331 ha
Maximum Altitude: 567 m Mt Honey

The group consists of Campbell Island, with a number of off lying islets and rocks (principally Jacquemart Island, Dent Island, and Isle de Jeanette Marie.

Campbell Island has an irregular shape, 16km by 16km, with an area 11 268 ha. Steep cliffs dominate the western shores, while the east coast is broken by several large inlets. Terrain is hilly, with deep gullies and numerous streams.

Campbell Island is a remnant of a dissected volcanic dome. Marine erosion has removed most of the western section, and the east coast has fiord-like inlets by the ‘drowning’ of the lower reaches of the radial valleys. The Island was glaciated in the Pleistocene. The oldest basement rocks are schist, 640 MYr, overlain with a series of standstone, conglomerate, mudstone, limestone, marine deposits of volcanic sediments and volcanic flows dating from the late Miocene. Peat soils are well developed.

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