Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Worked U.S. Territories Award (WUST)

Worked U.S. Territories Award (WUST)

Sponsored by the METRO DX Club for proof of contact of a minimum of fourteen (14) of the current sixteen (16) IARU-recognized U.S. territories (as of 1 January, 2011).The sixteen WUST territories are: KG4 (Guantanamo Bay) KHØ (Mariana Islands) KH1 (Baker & Howland Islands) KH2 (Guam) KH3 (Johnston Island) KH4 (Midway Island) KH5 (Palmyra & Jarvis Islands) KH5K (Kingman Reef) KH7K (Kure Island) KH8 (American Samoa) KH8S (Swains Island) KH9 (Wake Island) KP1 (Navassa Island) KP2 (US Virgin Islands) KP4 (Puerto Rico) KP5 (Desecheo Island)

Following receipt of the original award for a minimum of fourteen territories, endorsements for contact #15 or contact #16 available for US$3.00 or two (2) valid IRCs.

Mixed bands and modes OK. No date restriction. Send a GCR list certified by two licensed amateurs showing the callsign of the station worked, date, time, frequency/band and mode. Sponsor requests that you use application as found on their web site. Photocopies of QSL cards are OK. , If you are NUMBER ONE on the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll and your station call appears on the list dated August 2010 (or later) you'll not be required to send any confirmations for the WUST award. SWL OK. Send GCR list or QSL photocopies and fee of US$8 or 4 valid IRCs to METRO DX Club, 3810 N. Chamlin Drive, Morris, IL 60450.

E-mail: awards@metrodxclub.comInternet: http://www.metrodxclub.comAward Application/Sample log extract:

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