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GeLog - ADIF TO KML Converter

GeLog - ADIF TO KML Converter

New version of GeLog is now available.

IMPORTANT: After starting GeLog-1.0.1b, go to File ->My Station and rewrite your grid locator or enter your coordinates.

Click here to start GeLog-1.0.1b

Changes log

- ADDED: Coordinates resolutions from GRID locator field.
- ADDED: Cache resolution.
- ADDED: Cache manager.
- ADDED: “Stop” button.
- ADDED: Unique instance checker,  only a unique instance of the application can be executed.
         (This resolves a database concurrency bug)
- ADDED: Application execution trace log. Log file is located under GeLog Home Folder
- IMPROVEMENT: UI general improvements.
- IMPROVEMENT: Decimal management based on regional configuration
- IMPROVEMENT: Database decimal precision.
- IMPROVEMENT: My coordinates can be manually entered or edited.
- IMPROVEMENT: Adif Reader, (issue with HRD ADIF format was fixed)
- IMPROVEMENT: null values on information window were fixed and more information was added.
- ADDED: icons for all bands (from 160mts to 6cms).
- IMPROVEMENT: Cty.csv must exist to run the application.

GeLog is a free tool which allows you to see your ADIF file in Google Earth.

GeLog was originally made to analize contest logs, but you can use it to load any ADIF file.

The following video show an example of a KML file generated by GeLog

By using the Google Earth time line you can see when each QSO happens.

Before using GeLog

Make sure you have Java installed
GeLog is an application developed in Java language to run it you must have installed Java 1.5 or higher.

To download Java please click here

Google Earth
In order to view the generated KML files you must have Google Earth installed.
Download Google Earth from

QRZ XML Account
GeLog resolves stations locations in two ways:
Through (recommended).
To use this mode is necessary to have an account with access to XML Logbook Data service
Through  a local database that should be imported using the import tool provided by the application.

If you run GeLog without a valid QRZ account and having an empty local database, GeLogs will assign a default location based on the call  prefix., this means all QSOs of the same country will have the same coordinates.


This program is free software, you can distribute it and/or modify it, you may not patent it or copyright to it.

This program is distributed in the hope that will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

It is possible to DAMAGE EQUIPMENT through computer software.

By running this program you acknowledge this risk and accept this risk without recourse to the author.

How to Run GeLog

Click here to download GELOG luncher.

Open the downloaded file, Java Web Start will automatically run the application.


The first time you run GeLog, a message will shows up asking you to download the countries database cty.cvs

Download it and save the file into GeLog root folder which is located under your home folder.

Once you saved the file go to Configuration section and fill up the fields,
You might also enter here your QRZ account details (optional)

Your First KLM in 3 simple steps

Select ADIF file to be imported

Setup Options

Procesos your ADIF file

That’s it, you should get the KLM file.

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