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The photo above shows 3D2AG operating as FO5RK. As long as there is space for an antenna and a power outlet or a battery, a ham can operate.
Who said you need a table?

We meet thousands of hams on the bands, knowing no more about them than their callsigns and first name. We don´t know if the guy at the other end is old or young; if we have other common interests than ham radio; if we are talking to a YL or an OM in CW or that this might be someone with a remarkable story to tell us.
Encyclopedia of Ham Radio is a project by hams for hams where we
* get to know the guy at the other end - not just 599 TU.
* read about hams actively participating in rescue operations
* read how we can get youngsters interested in ham radio
* read about recent DXpeditions
* follow the development of Amateur Radio since 1912
If you are an active ham, I would be happy to have your presentation here among the more than 500 hams presented on the new edition which will be presented in 2012.
I will be happy to send you examples of presentations from the first edition of this project.
Encyclopedia of Ham Radio is written like a book, but the huge amount of information (more than 1600 pages) would demand five books. That´s why it comes as a PDF-file where you can easily search for information and magnify a photo to look at details.
I will be very happy to hear from you and if you have any questions, please contact me at !
We all like to find more young hams on the bands. Here you find hams who tell you how they succeed and how you can become a mentor for new hams.
"CQ - Welcome to the adventure!" is a Power Point presentation, I have made to get youngsters interested in ham radio. It´s available free of charge in English, Spanish, German, or Swedish. If you like to have it, just send me an e-mail and I will send it via file transfer.
Since 2005, I have spent more than 6000 hours on this project and I expect to need at least another 1000 hours before I present the next edition – where I hope to find your presentation!
The project is presented on page 37 in the April 2011 issue of QST.
Amateur Radio gives you 2 Million Friends - here you get to know 500 of them!
Warning! If you receive a mail marked WAYN, pretending to be sent by me (or anyone else) don´t open it! It is SPAM and has not been sent by me or any other ham!

What can be found on the PDF-file?
The callsigns of several hams are familiar to us, but in most cases we know very little about the interesting person behind that call. Getting to know him/her can add a new dimension to ham radio.
In the first version, 347 active hams from all parts of the world tell personal stories you will not find on the Internet.
Among the hams we meet here are 3D2AG; 4Z4DX; 5R8FU; 5X1Z; 9K2HN; A61M; CT3FT; CU2JT; DK2WV; DL4KQ; DL7DF; G3KMA; G3XTT; HB9MX; HP1XX; HS0ZEE; IT9TQH; JA1BK; JA9BOH; JH1KRC; JH1RES; K3ZO; KH6OO; N1DG; N7NG; N7RO; OE6MBG; SM0AGD; SP3DOI; SV9CVY; TF4M; UX5UO; V85SS; VE3XN; VK2IA; VU2RBI; W4DR; W6OAT; XE1KK; XE1L; XE2K; XE2MX; ZB2EO; ZL3NW, etc, etc….
How to get more youngsters interested in Ham Radio;
Hams who lived behind the Iron Curtain tell us why they lost their licenses;
Hams tell how they were robbed with guns to their heads after a DXpedition;
Doctors tell how they use ham radio to help doctors in Africa and the Pacific;
Hams who are always prepared to assist the authorities in case of a disaster;
Hams who met their loved ones on the air;
Hams who have built enormous antennas;
What has happened in ham radio since the first spark transmissions and much more!

Who is SM7WT?
I was born in 1939 and became a ham in 1956. I have been active ever since and I like to work DX on CW and SSB on all bands from 2 to 80 Meters. Lack of space makes it impossible for me to have an antenna for 160 so I have to go the club to look for new ones on top band.
Since 2006, I use the call SF7WT.
For DXCC I have 367 entities worked and I need Pratas and North Korea to have all of them.
A nice rag-chew is also always a pleasure, exchanging QSLs via the bureau is as natural as having a QSO.
Personal contacts are the most interesting ones of them all. Traveling has brought me to the USA 17 times and to Mexico City once. Always happy to meet hams! Being invited by Thor, TF4M in 2009 and allowed to use his outstanding station was another highlight in my life! Another highlight was my visit to the DX-convention in Visalia in 2010, meeting so many of the guys I knew from the bands!
Getting to know other hams made me understand how interesting "the guy at the other end" really is. He/she is much more than a callsign and a name! This made me start to assemble information and write my book, "Thanks to Amateur Radio" in 1994, presenting 178 hams along with stories about hams helping the world and DXpeditions.
In 2005, I began to assemble information for another book, but after a while I had so much information that it would cover five books. That´s the reason for presenting this as a PDF-file, which I´m now expanding.
I hope this expanded edition will include your presentation!
A PDF-file makes it very easy to look for specific information.
You can magnify photos to look for details.
I hope to present the new edition in 2012 and if you are an active ham, I would be happy to see your presentation on it!

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