Monday, June 11, 2012


Welcome at HEX-BEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY web side
A professionally engineered High-Quality,Heavy Duty, Light Weight
the six amateur radio bands 20-17-15-12-10-6 meters ,
broadband hexagonal beam wire antenna.
HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY it ideal for Your DXpedition , IOTA - SOTA activation ,field days or solid antenna,etc.  

- All the band's purchased ready to install no tuning needed.
- Heavy duty centre hub and centre post - aluminium T6 6061 and 7005
- Professionally fibreglass spreader.
- Screw ,dial ,S-hooks and all connection -Stainless steel HQ -1H18N12T.
- 2mm diameter high strength Kevlar guy line.UV resistant.
- 1:1 balun ferrite.+25eur
- Light weight full assembled -less than 22 pounds ! can be rotated with a light duty rotator .
- The transportation length is only 152cm(59,8') x 30cm(11,8') x 25cm(9,8')
- The small turn radius ,the simple wire only multiband concept.
- The adjustable mount will accomodate masts up 1" (35mm) -tipical.
- Works -and it performs well even when mounted in the clear only 20-25 feet above the ground ,condition- no any close obstructions.Antenna  works best at heights around 35ft or more.
- SWR low across each bands .1:2 typical.
- Color codes spreader/spraed plates for easy of setup.
- Wire Furukawa Electric.
- Heavy duty polyamide element clamps.
- Gain and front/back,gain to a comparable two elem. yagi typical. 
- Power legal limit,tested 1500W.
- Wind surface area tested 120km/h.
- Plug and play beam- read for action.
- No loose parts-No tools-No hassle. 
- Total estimated time required -one person max 1Hrs.
- Key to square floor flange/center post- included.
- OS 239 connector installed to attach your feed line from your transceiver.
- 35mm lower mast 
- Illustrated step-by-step construction manual.                 
Special Price : 400 EUR + SHIPPING
Payment options - Bank Transfers or Paypal
You can purchase on two instalments !
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