Monday, June 11, 2012

160m Half-Sloper Double-Bazooka Antenna

160m Half-Sloper Double-Bazooka Antenna

A DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna is an extremely broad-banded Half Wave Antenna that can operate efficiently across an entire Ham band with little change to the SWR.
The DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna design was first conceived as a radar antenna in the early 1940's for use by the U.S. Government. It was modified for amateur radio use in the 1950's.
Home-brew DOUBLE BAZOOKA rarely survive harsh elements and wind-load stresses. The weak points were typically at the feed point and coax twin lead connection. The IAC design is culmination of a three-year development program, including state of the art materials and encapsulation techniques, to provide the amateur radio operator with an antenna that will endure such harsh elements. Construction methods and components used are of government Mil-Spec quality.
  • IAC has taken the same high performance, Mil-Spec quality construction and applied this into a quarter-wavelength HALF SLOPER antenna.

  • Antenna construction centers around 50 Ohm coax in combination with 300 Ohm transmission line end section. The end result is an end feed broadband quarter-wavelength sloper.

  • Provided for the operator's 50 Ohm feed line is a SO 239, a silver plated connector having Teflon insulation and a gold plated socket.

  • The features of the proprietary design anchor the connector in high shear UV resistant molding. The coax element is sealed in this molding, which exhibits high adhesion to the PVC Jacket.

  • Mil-Spec heat shrink tubing, with a melting inner liner, is utilized to seal and strain relieve the transition area between the coax and the twin lead. A heat shrink cap is applied to the outer most end of the twin lead completing antenna construction.

  • This unique design eliminated the need for antenna matching baluns and can be fed directly with 50 Ohm coax. The DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER typically provides SWR readings of less than 2:1 over the entire amateur band.

  • Since this antenna has no exposed metal wire static charges can not build up thus reducing noise by 6 dB over antennas constructed of exposed wired.

  • The DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER antenna will handle full legal limit power with no effect to performance.

  • The DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER is recommended to be mounted to the top of a tower or metal pole for optimum results.

  • All DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER antenna will operate on other bands with the aid of an antenna tuner.

The following chart gives overall antenna length and recommended height placement above ground from a single support for a DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER. 
Operating BandAntenna LengthMounting Height Above GroundEnd Height Above Ground
20 meters16.4 FT25 - 35 FT5 – 7 FT
40 meters32.8 FT30 - 40 FT7 - 10 FT
80 meters65.7 FT30 - 70 FT7 - 10 FT
160 meters127.7 FT50 - 120 FT7 - 15 FT


  • The DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER can be configured as a four quadrant array from a single support.
  • A DOUBLE BAZOOKA HALF SLOPER ARRAY produces up to 3 dB forward gain in any one direction.

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