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SPIDER BEAM Antenna homemade for DX-Pedition by YB6AR

SPIDER BEAM Antenna homemade for DX-Pedition by YB6AR

Antenna spider beam is basically yagi antenna.
This is not a log periodic antenna, differing only slightly in the reflector and director, while the driver is almost like the same.
By bending the reflector and director elements are also in each band
To make the spider beam antenna on 20m, 15m, 10m then just need an arm length of 5 meters is enough.

To make the 40m band then takes at least 10m arms

In one cable feed line we've been able to play in many bands.

Usually from 5 bands, 3 bands even mono band

Basically this antenna in a square shape with equal sides and we only need 4 length sleeves are the same size anyway.
Suitable for expeditions to the islands even portable for traveling and easy for the raft.


Here we only make the material available, we happen to have fishing rods measuring 7m, 8m even 10m long, actually there are some material that is discarded or unused but out of the rest of the term can also be used for the 10m band, antenna yagi even kind of Ground Plan.
Total length when packed only 2 meters long all the material in the pipe size of 4 inches unless mounting breaket

Examples of material

Basically this material is very good quality, with tubing size 1 1/2 "at the base of the arm and the arm tip size 3/4", it can both support the cable already wired antenna elements.


How to tie a very simple cable element, where we use a coaxial cable wrapping leather 1 "plastic air and teflon very well against the weather.

We cut up the skin coaxial cable 1 "in order to clamp the cable from the antenna elements on each band or maybe the other way

We give you a glimpse into consideration the basic

Picture of how binding the knot stack on each element of the antenna band.

We added a little swivel in order to maintain order not tangled wires during installation and also when the wind hit.

Binder pole and antenna support arm sleeves
Pole and sleeve arm binder buffer using the antenna in the split pipe and welded die stacking and are not afraid to blow in the wind.

You can do your own installation of a total of at least 10-15 kg with both hands you can do the founding of the antenna.

You cheer when the antenna is assembled as you wish and you can even dance in the air DX

The beauty of your spider beam and ready to dance in the air with DX’ers

When all are assembled and then we just wrap the antenna stayed where the expedition set out for the place where the default is not too heavy.

By crossing islands for QRV with DX Aceh Group

Bunta Island On The Air Fun DX-Pedition Feb 15 17.avi

we are making things so smooth communication

Thank hopefully writing can be beneficial to your friends and your friends like Expeditionary hobby DX'er  
Hope see you again in the air

If you want to get the material can be ordered through Such material spiderbeam arms, V dipole and Vertical from 10m to 160m antenna hexlical, We help design

Now we've got a lighter antenna and do not need a tow truck to install the antenna ...

Call 0821 648 55 669 or via email. YB6AR Rohadi Siregar

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