Saturday, July 2, 2011

Contest Radio N3RR

Here's a CQ Magazine cover photo of me after just coming down from the 134 footer:

N3RR at work

For more info about the photo, click here: N3RR

And here's a view of the QTH from 1300 ft!


Here's another perspective from 1300 ft:


Here's a sequence from the ground:

[Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger photo]

======= Zoom in this way =======>

The 134 ft tower is now full:

The HiGain HG-52SS (52 foot crankup) now has:

5 ELE 10M @ 52 ft and 5 ELE 15M @ 65ft

Ever have birds land on your tower/antennas/guy wires? Here's a photo taken 10 minutes before ARRL SS CW 1997:

 Blackbirds galore.  Click for 600 x 425 imageBirds all over
(600 x 425 8KBytes)

Here are some closeups of installed TIC ringrotors:

40M and 20M ringrotors. Click for 600 x 913 image

40/20M rings

(600 x 913 32 KBytes)
(1200 x 1826 88 KBytes)
Ringrotor mounted on Heavyduty AB-105 tower. Click for 600 x 497 image

HD AB-105 installation

(600 x 497 23 KBytes)
(1515 x 1255 81 KBytes)

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