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1.1 : Background to the WLOTA™

1.1.1 The "World Lighthouse On The Air" (WLOTA™), is the brain-child of F5SKJ and F5OGG, both of whom appreciate and recognise the overall importance of lighthouses. This award has been set up as a tribute to lighthouse keepers, either in mid-ocean or isolated islands. Since the automation of most of these lighthouses, lighthouse keepers are, in the main, no longer required, but their long-standing contribution cannot be denied. With this in mind, WLOTA™ has been developed to encourage amateur radio operation from these remote locations

1.1.2 The WLOTA™ (World Lighthouse On The Air) was set up by F5OGG, F5SKJ, F6DGT, F 17511. It is an internationally-based award giving recognition to radio amateur contacts from these locations, with effect from 01 July 1997.

1.2 : Essential criteria to be met prior to validating any lighthouse for the WLOTA™ Award

1.2.1 The WLOTA™ Award is intended to complement existing internationally recognised awards (such as DXCC, IOTA, WPX, WAZ etc.). From the beginning, the founders were faced with a world-wide list of over 15000 lighthouses. An award of this kind, with such a huge number of lighthouses, would not be practical. Bearing in mind the need to acknowledge lighthouse keepers (para 1.1.1), it was decided to retain a limited number of isolated, manned lighthouses representative of the function they perform in the marine environment, and selected according to the criteria defined in the following paragraphs. The award programme should present a new and interesting challenge, as much for activators as for lighthouse hunters.

1.2.2 All lighthouses valid for the WLOTA™ Award must be located on islands. To be allocated a reference number, any lighthouse must satisfy the following criteria: - Maximum range of the beam to be not less than 5 nautical miles

1.2.3 In cases where there is more than one lighthouse on a given island, only one reference number will be allocated (see "Position Lighthouse Station" and annex 1 of the WLOTA™ Award Directory).

1.2.4 All documents in possession of WLOTA™ Management Committee serve as reference for the attribution of WLOTA™ reference.

1.2.5 Lighthouses located on the mainland, are not valid for this award. The following are also excluded: marker buoys, channel buoys, semaphores and lightships

1.2.6 Any lighthouse valid for the WLOTA™ Award is given a reference of the form "L xxxx" For example: Lighthouse on Louet island: L 0001 or L0001. L 0002, L 0003 ... Original reference numbers of the form "LH xxxx" and allocated since 01/07/97 are still accepted


2.1 : Organising WLOTA™ expeditions

2.1.1 Anyone organising a WLOTA™ expedition must seek and obtain whatever authorisations are required prior to any operation

2.1.2 All WLOTA™ expeditions send a WLOTA™ lighthouse number must operate from the same island, rock that lighthouse is located (see "Position Lighthouse Station" and annex 1 of the WLOTA™ Award Directory). It is not necessary to be near the lighthouse but only in the same island as the lighthouse.

2.1.3 Between 01 July 1997 and 31 December 2004 WLOTA™ expeditions and permanent stations with WLOTA™ number must be validated by the WLOTA™ HQ to be accepted for the diploma. After 01 January 2005 all expedition and permanent stations on WLOTA Lighthouse Island will have the WLOTA™ reference printed on the Qsl card or on the QSO label.

2.1.4 Since 01 january 2005 you must verify that the WLOTA™ lighthouse that you activate necessitates or not the validation indicated in the WLOTA™ list column "Validation expedition ?". (see also 2.2 to 2.3.3)
(No validation = your qsl is not accepted for WLOTA Award)

2.1.5 If you need a new WLOTA lighthouse number, please go to para.4

2.2 : Requirements for validating WLOTA™ Award expeditions

2.2.1 It is not the intention of the WLOTA™ HQ to cast doubt on activators but rather to emphasise its serious attitude towards the administration of the award with a view to satisfying activators as well as hunters.

2.2.2 WLOTA™ lighthouses number having "Yes" in the column "Validation expedition ?" must send the file of validation and a proof of expedition (see 2.3 to 2.3.3).

2.2.3 The official WLOTA™ Award lighthouse list will indicate the WLOTA™ reference numbers "L xxxx" for which it will be necessary to seek validation.

2.2.4 After the end of expedition, you have maximum 12 months (one year) for send the file annex 6 and a proof of expedition.

2.2.5 After 12 months, your request of validation expedition will be rejected or eventually accepted by WLOTA HQ with derrogation and another proof.

2.3 : How validate your WLOTA expedition

2.3.1 You must write and send the annex 6 - Validation expedition (see Request Validation expedition)

2.3.2 You must send a proof of your physical presence :
- photo of your expedition on island with (if possible) the lighthouse, or
- Certified by an official document in the name of the expedition leader, or
- Certifying landing or presence on the island or at the lighthouse, and giving the name of the signatory (hotel, camping or shop manager, lighthouse keeper, island owner or representative). This document should indicate the arrival and departure dates to / from the island or lighthouse, or
- A photo of the operator(s), also showing a plaque with the island name or the lighthouse, can be submitted as evidence.

2.3.3 Licence : A photocopy of the licence is required in all cases the expedition call-sign used is not the same as the home-call.

2.3.4 After validation, WLOTA™ expeditions validated receive a WLOTA™ validation card.


3.1 : WLOTA™ Award categories

3.1.1 There are 2 WLOTA™ Award categories - one for activators and one for other lighthouse hunters including Short Wave Listeners (SWLs)

3.1.2 All operations after 01 July 1997 qualify for this award

3.1.3 All HF WLOTA™ Award certificates may be endorsed as "CW", "SSB", "Mixed Mode" or "Digi-modes = PSK31, SSTV..."

3.1.4 All 2-way QSOs or SWL reports must be from the same DXCC country. In the event that such QSOs/reports have occurred under different call-signs (such as special-event callsigns), the applicant is required to provide evidence of the validity of such call-signs on the relevant dates.

3.1.5 QSOs / SWL reports with/from maritime mobile stations (/MM) are not accepted for the WLOTA™ Award.
QSOs / SWL reports via relay, satellite or packet radio are not accepted for the WLOTA™ Award.

3.2 : WLOTA™ Award certificates available

3.2.1 All WLOTA™ Award certificate are achievable on the HF bands (WARC include) (see 3.3):
- WLOTA™ xxx LH World-wide
- WLOTA™ xxx LH Africa
- WLOTA™ xxx LH Asia
- WLOTA™ xxx LH Europe
- WLOTA™ xxx LH North America
- WLOTA™ xxx LH Oceania
- WLOTA™ xxx LH South America
- WLOTA™ xxx LH West Indies
- WLOTA™ xxx LH High Latitudes
The Plaque of Excellence and other special trophies (in future)

3.3 : Required QSO totals for the award

3.3.1 The WLOTA™ World-wide diploma can be requested each 50 lighthouses, requiring confirmation (QSLs) around the world

3.3.2 The WLOTA™ Continental (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, West Indies), can be requested each 50 lighthouses in SSB and Mixed mode or each 25 lighthouses in CW and Digi mode, requiring confirmation (QSLs) from WLOTA™ lighthouses QSOs.

3.3.3 The WLOTA™ High Latitudes certificate can be requested each 50 lighthouses in SSB and Mixed mode or each 25 lighthouses in CW and Digi mode, requiring confirmation (QSLs) from lighthouses in Arctic and Antarctic lighthouses and located north of latitude 60ºN or south of latitude 50ºS.

3.4 : Endorsements

3.4.1 Any endorsements will be for the same mode as your WLOTA™ Award (CW, SSB, Mixed, Digi-modes). Where you have more than one WLOTA™ award, you may specify which one(s) you wish endorsed

3.4.2 Endorsements may be from 1 lighthouse per request. The rate for the endorsements is fixed by 20 slice new lighthouses. Endorsements requested after 31 January each year will not count towards the annual award listings published in April of that year.Endorsements are the means by which applicants may be admitted to the Honor Roll

3.5 : WLOTA™ Lighthouse activators

3.5.1 The WLOTA™ management aims to encourage expeditions to "LH xxxx" or "L xxxx" lighthouses by awarding activator medals and trophies for the Activator of the Year. Medals are awarded only to those activators who can submit the required number of validation cards. Amateurs activating islands without requesting their validation, but wishing to receive the medals, must validate the operation. There will be no dispensations in respect of validation cards

3.5.2 WLOTA™ Award bronze medal: 3 validation cards should be submitted, for different operations where validation has been requested

3.5.3 WLOTA™ Award silver medal: 6 validation cards should be submitted, for different operations where validation has been requested and the applicant should already hold the bronze medal.

3.5.4 WLOTA™ Award gold medal: 9 validation cards should be submitted, for different operations where validation has been requested and the applicant should already hold the silver medal

3.5.5 The WLOTA™ trophy for the Best WLOTA™ Expedition of the Year: The trophy of the best WLOTA™ expedition will be awarded to an activator from one of the operations submitted for validation. The trophy will be presented at the annual WLOTA™ Hamvention

3.5.6 The WLOTA™ Merit awards: WLOTA™ HQ may present one or more WLOTA™ Merit awards in recognition of amateurs who have made exceptional efforts to promote the WLOTA™ Award. These prestigious awards will be presented at the annual WLOTA™ Hamvention in April of each year.

3.6 : Annual award listing:

3.6.1 A yearly listing of all awards, endorsements, medals and trophies will be published for the annual WLOTA™ Convention. There will be separate listings for amateurs and for SWLs. The yearly listing will include all endorsements received prior to 20 Ferbruary of that year. 3.6.2 Those who have not requested endorsements for 5 years or more will not have their scores published on the annual listings

3.7 : Annual listing of Radio Amateurs

3.7.1 Honor Roll: Accession to the WLOTA™ Honor Roll requires confirmation of at least 50% of all lighthouses submitted for validation for the WLOTA™ award since 01 July 1997. 3.7.2 Honor Roll: In addition to the Honor Roll, a separate annual listing of those radio amateurs holding the WLOTA™ basic award, will be published for the annual WLOTA™ Convention in April of each year. 3.7.3 WLOTA™ medals listing: The list of those amateurs who have been awarded WLOTA™ medals appears on the WLOTA™ Award web-site. Their details will also appear in the WLOTA™ Award bulletin. 3.7.4 The call-sign of the Activator of the Year in the WLOTA™programme, will appear on the WLOTA™ Award web-site and will also be announced at the Annual Convention in April of each year.

3.8 : Annual listing of SWLs

3.8.1 In addition to the Honor Roll, a separate annual listing of those SWLs holding the WLOTA™ basic award, will be published for the annual WLOTA™ Convention

3.9 : Applying for the WLOTA™ Award certificate or WLOTA™ medals :

3.9.1 The WLOTA™ Award certificate and subsequent endorsements may be obtained on submission of a QSO list. This must be submitted using Annex 4. The list should show the date of the QSO, the reference number of the lighthouse ("LH" or "L"), the call-sign used and the operating mode. QSL cards for all contacts should accompany the application. In order to simplify checking by WLOTA™ Checkpoints, it would be appreciated if QSL cards were arranged in the same order as they appear on Annex 4. This will expedite the application process and the return of QSL cards. Reference should be made to Annex 2 to determine Award costs and postage rates. 3.9.2 All validation cards must be submitted when applying for WLOTA™ medals. If these cards are no longer available, application may be made directly to WLOTA™ HQ, stating the call-signs for which validation cards were issued. The additional verification required in this instance, will entail a delay in the overall process.

4 - WLOTA™ Award lighthouse list

4.1 : List of lighthouses accredited by WLOTA™

4.1.1 A list of accredited lighthouses is available from the management committee of the WLOTA™ Award. This list is also available on the WLOTA™ Award web-site but without information regarding the activation past history.

4.2 : List of lighthouses accredited by WLOTA™

4.2.1 Requests for new reference numbers must be in accordance with paragraphs 1.2.2 and 1.2.5.

4.2.2 A request for a new reference number requires that Annex 5 should be returned accurately and fully completed, together with a copy of a map showing the location of the lighthouse. This map should have a scale of 1 : 250000 (a road map or marine chart).In the absence of a fully documented application, the application will not be acknowledged. Please allow up to 60 days for the management committee's acknowledgement of an application.

4.2.3 Any request for a new reference number should indicate the date of the proposed operation.

4.2.4 New reference numbers are provisional. The activator will be asked for evidence of having completed 100 valid QSOs prior to full authentication of the new reference number. This evidence must reach the WLOTA™ Award. management committee within 2 months of the end of the activation.

5 - The WLOTA™ Award Management Commitee

5.1 : Structure of the WLOTA™ Award Management Commitee

5.1.1 The WLOTA™ Award Management Committee is composed of the WLOTA™ Award Founders, the WLOTA™ Award Directors, the WLOTA™ Award Checkpoints and the WLOTA™ Award Country Assistants.

5.2 : WLOTA™ HQ

5.2.1 The WLOTA™ Award HQ Management Committee consists of 6 or 7 members with the following areas of responsibility :
President, Vice-President, WLOTA™ Manager, Awards Manager,Treasurer and Arbitrator. Their duties are not limited solely to the administration of the Award - they may also act as spokespersons for the WLOTA™ Award. However, major decisions would still require the consent of the WLOTA™ Directors or the WLOTA™ Manager.

5.3 : WLOTA™ Checkpoints

5.3.1 The so-called "Checkpoints" represent WLOTA™ HQ in the various DXCC countries to which they have been assigned. They are expected to distribute all information regarding the WLOTA™ Award, including the bulletin. They are able to answer questions relating to the Award, give notice of expeditions and help activators with validation procedures in order that their operation will be valid for the WLOTA™ Award. They also vet applications for certificates or medals. WLOTA™ are the WLOTA™ Award representatives around the world. WLOTA™ Checkpoints may propose a WLOTA™ Country Assistant to assist them with their task. The final decision regarding the appointment of an Assistant, lies with WLOTA™ HQ.

5.3.2 WLOTA™ Country Assistants are attached to a WLOTA™ Checkpoint who will assist them with their duties. The Country Assistant is encouraged to let lighthouse hunters in their own country know about the WLOTA™ Award by disseminating all information regarding the award, including the WLOTA™ Award list of lighthouses, forthcoming activations, and the contact address for the WLOTA™ Award bulletin. WLOTA™ Country Assistants should encourage the validation of activations by informing their WLOTA™ Checkpoint, but cannot themselves process either activation validation requests or certificate or medal applications - these must be approved by their WLOTA™ Checkpoint.


6.1 : Conditions

6.1.1 All partiicipants in the WLOTA™ Award programme agree to abide by the Award Rules.

6.1.2 The WLOTA™ Award President reserves the right to disqualify, temporarily or permanently, any radio amateur or SWL shown to have contravened the Award Rules. Such disqualification may lead to total and final exclusion from the WLOTA™ Award programme.

6.1.3 Each year, the first weekend in July, the WLOTA™ Award committee organises an international contest.

6.1.4 Neither WLOTA™ HQ, WLOTA™ Checkpoints nor WLOTA™ Country Assistants can be held responsible for accidents or other incidents occurring during WLOTA™ related activities or activation expeditions. Such activites/expeditions are carried out entirely at the risk of those involved. The latter should ensure they have appropriate and adequate insurance cover.

6.1.5 Only the WLOTA™ Arbitrator is empowered to amend a decision taken by WLOTA™ Checkpoints or the WLOTA™ Manager. The WLOTA™ Arbitrator has absolute authority. Requests for the services of the WLOTA™ Arbitrator must be accompanied by all relevant correspondence, clearly detailing the situation, as well as the amendment request. The decision of the WLOTA™ Arbitrator is final and without right of appeal.

6.1.6 The WLOTA™ Diploma Manager is responsible for dealing with all activation validation requests, certificate requests and medal requests from operators / SWLs. However, it would be appreciated if, in countries having a WLOTA™ Checkpoint, operators and SWLs would address their requests for certificates, medals or activation validations, directly to that Checkpoint. This is likely to elicit a faster response than one from the WLOTA™ Manager.

6.1.7 A summary table showing award costs and postage rates is available from the WLOTA™ Management Committee or from Annex 2 or from the WLOTA™ Award web-site.

6.1.8 All information regarding this Award is available from WLOTA™ Checkpoints, WLOTA™ Country Assistants or the WLOTA™ HQ, as well as from the WLOTA™ Award web-site.

6.1.9 The Directors of the WLOTA™ Award programme reserve the right to amend the present Award Rules at any time, but activations which have already been validated, take priority over any amendments and will remain valid for the WLOTA™ Award.

6.2 : WLOTA™ HQ contact addresses

6.2.1 Postal/"snail mail": WLOTA™ Award, 18 Allee Roch-Bihen, F 44510 Le POULIGUEN, France
WLOTA™ Web-site :
WLOTA™ Mail : wlota[at]
Or…via the e-mail address of each Checkpoint.

The WLOTA™ Award is copyrighted by INPI (France - 1997).

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