Friday, May 4, 2012

6OØCW Humanitarian DXpedition 07-18 May 2012

6OØCW Humanitarian DXpedition  07-18 May 2012
The members of Italian Dxpedition Team, after the donation of an ambulance to the 
Galkayo Medical Center and an absence of six years from Galkayo, return to the 
country for helping again the Somali Red Crescent Society.
The same team has operated from Somalia in 2005 with the callsign 6OØCW and 2006 with the callsign 6OØN, putting in the log about 25,000 QSOs in
the first case and about 35.000 QSOs in the second one.
We ask those who have already worked us during one of these DXpeditions
to don't work us again in the same bands / modes, thus giving more
opportunities for those who has not previously worked Somalia.
Thanks for your cooperations.
6OØCW Humanitarian DXpedition

Tx / RxAntennasAmplifiers
N° 3 Elecraft K3N°2 Spiderbeam 28-21-24-18-14-10 MHzN°3 Elecraft KPA 500
N°1 Yagi 5 bands
N° 2 Vertical 7 MHz
N° 2 Vertical 3,5 MHz
N° 1 Vertical 10 MHz
N* 1 Invertel L 1,8 MHz
 N° 1 Yaesu FT857N° 1 Cubical quad 3 el. for 50 MHz

6OØCW Humanitarian DXpedition
New postal rates in Italy from 1 January 2011 0.75 EUR for Europe;
1.60 EUR outside Europe ( +88% )
2.00 EUR Pacific ( VK-ZL-ecc.+100% )
for a lightweight letter max 20 grams (2 QSL) standard size.

Should you want to receive a direct QSL please include: 2 USD Europe, 3 USD outside Europe
 and SAE ( NO IRC , NO STAMP )

6OØCW Humanitarian DXpedition 
30mt10.113       10142
40mt7.0257.056  7.1257041

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