Tuesday, May 1, 2012

XZ1K, ARS - Union of Myanmar


Please consider a donation to our not-for-profit social
enterprise for assisting the people of Kawthaung Township,
south Myanmar - click to visit our web-site

Welcome to the web-page for XZ1K (Xray Zulu One Kilo) - amateur radio station in the Union of Myanmar. I work as a charitable volunteer - languages and computer teacher in Myanmar, as well as a professional construction/manager in both Myanmar and Thailand. My amateur radio operations have to fit in with my busy work schedule. I will try to schedule my ham radio activities to fit in with band and propagation conditions, and openings/greyline paths.
For QSL cards - P O Box 14, Phuket Airport, Phuket 83110, Thailand. Please enclose 1 IRC and SAE - do not send any money - do not ask for a QSL if you are not in the log


  • For SSB operation, I will usually work split, up to 5 KHz UP, (so please do not all call me on the exact same frequency)
  • For PSK operation, I will watch my Digipan waterfall up to 3 KHz UP - please do not call on my transmit frequency
  • Please do not call for duplicate QSOs - you are either in the log or you are not in the log!
  • If mobile network coverage allows, I will upload QSOs in real-time, otherwise please check my log later
  • Please use your full callsign, do not call using only the suffix
  • Shouting, pleading and invoking Mother of God will not help you to make a QSO
  • This is NOT a limited time DXpedition - I expect to be in Myanmar for many years
  • Please consider making a donation to MyanmarTeachers.org for the voluntary work that I undertake in Myanmar.

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Charles H. Harpole said...

May 4, 2013 at 12:11
Simon… Hams certainly hope you have a valid XZ ham license. I suggest you could help by putting your paperwork on one of your web sites. A nice clear presentation we can all look at.
3-5-2013 query to ARRL DXCC official reports that ARRL has not received any documentation from you to date. There is no confusion about what papers ARRL will want. Submit your license copy; the name, authority title/govt branch name, and contact information of the person and office issuing the license; and photographs of your self in XZ locations that clearly show your body present there is usually all ARRL needs. You have had over a year to send that documentation to ARRL.
Currently, information given me by various sources and a ham actually going to the proper office in the new capital city all report that the issuance of ham operating permits from the national government do not exist and can not exist at this time to anyone. Further, reports indicate that there is no authority inside that nation to grant operating permits at any govt level, local or otherwise.
It is this information that makes it so highly urgent that you just post your license/paperword on the Web.
Please help all hams in South East Asia present a fact and an image of legal ham activities because even one fake or rump activity can spread problems to many in the whole area. Thanks, 73
May 4, 2013 at 12:48
Simon… Regarding your message of 5-9-2012. Please note that Myanmar national capital city is Naypyidaw, not Yongon. This change-over happened in 2006, and this new city is now populated and all national govt offices are located there. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naypyidaw
Further, the Region of Tanintharyi is NOT one of the self-administered States in Myanmar which indicates it is under the direct administrative authority located in Naypyidaw, the national government. Thus, it appears that it is impossible for you to have a valid ham permit from any official in Tanintharyi Region. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Administrative_divisions_of_Burma
I strongly urge you to help protect the integrity of and current delicate situation of ham licensing in all of S.E.Asia. One bad apple here can upset the area where people have worked hard to obtain what ham radio now has but could lose in a moments notice.
Because the Wiki Web sites noted here, seemingly correct, indicate your operation of any ham radio as you have publically described it is NOT VALID, I urge you to realign your statements with the facts of this situation. Please help SEA keep what ham permissions we have.
Tnx, 73, Charly K4VUD