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Contest Station 4O3A

Contest Station 4O3A 

4O3A contest site, with a stunning location along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean offers a beautiful retreat from your every day hectic life and enjoing in top HAM radio contesting/DXing.

In the warm south, the heart of the Mediterranean, a small renaissance town in the Bay of Boca Kotorska, Herceg Novi, offers numerous cultural, historical and recreational events and entertainment.
Contest station is located on peninsula Lustica, near Boka Bay and not far from Tivat airport, with amazing sea view.
Very comfortable house, about 220m2 is equipped with electric generator 30kVA and water tanks.
There are 3 bedrooms, two living rooms, two broadcast rooms, two bathrooms and kitchen. Ten visitors can enjoy inside at least.
Location is equipped with TV  and Radio, refrigerator, and air-conditioning for 4 rooms. In the bathrooms you will find a hair dryer, bathrobe, and slippers to make your stay convenient and comfortable.

To reach location, you have to turn from cross after Tivat airport to small village Rose. Folowing that road, you will pass Krtole, Krasici and village Zabrdje, after will arrive to left cross to hilltop Obosnik. Be carefull – you have to have jeep to pass last four kilometers. Road (as Linda, KA1ZD used to say – almost road.) is very ugly and I am using an old Landover for traffic from asphalt to hilltop.
But once you arrive, you will be amazed. Excellent view to Boka Kotorska Bay and to the open sea is heartbreaking. Real HAM radio paradise!!

Antennas and Towers


Currently there are 6 tower in use:
Three rotatable towers, each one is 36m high
One self-supporting, 48m high, and it carries 2L80 rotary yagi. Some additional antennas for HF are in perspective to be add on
Two self-supporting, for smaller yagis and multiplier antennas
All towers are produced by SKY SAT Communications, and are deep hot zincked. ,

Tower 1
Rotatable 36m high and it caries:
3/3 for 20M
2L Shorty 40

Tower 2
Rotatable 36m high and it caries:
5/5 for 10M
6/6 for 15M
5/5 for 20M

Tower 3
Rotatable 36m high and it caries:
6/6/6 for 10M
4/4 for 15M
3/3 for 20M

Tower 4
Used for professional telecommunication antennas mostly, and for 2L80
On the top of tower is build rotatable mast, 6m high, and sometimes used for some other antennas too.

These two element yagis for 80M is “shorty eighty’, very well optimized and have specifications almost the same as full size yagi. Forward gain is just slightly lower then full size – about 0.2dB.

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