Saturday, February 25, 2012

REF Union Contest


Section française de l’Union internationale des radioamateurs (I.A.R.U.)
Siège social : 32 rue de Suède, 37100 TOURS – Services administratifs : BP 7429 – 37074 TOURS CEDEX 2 – Tél. – Fax :


French HF Championship "Coupe du REF" rules

1. Objective
•    French amateurs work as many amateur stations in as many French of the 97 metropolitans departments  (including F6REF HQ), overseas territories (DOM/TOM) and DXCC countries of the world as possible on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands.
•    Foreign amateurs work as many F stations in as many of the 97 metropolitans departments
(including F6REF HQ) and overseas French territories (DOM/TOM) as possible.

2. Contest period
•    CW: Last full weekend in January.
•    SSB: Last full weekend in February.
•    Contest Period: 36 hours each mode (separate contests).
•    Starts 0600 UTC Saturday; ends 1800 UTC Sunday

3. Bands and modes
80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m, according to IARU band plan for each country, CW and Phone.

4. Foreign entry Categories 
Single operator all bands 
Single operator single band
Multi operator single transmitter all bands

No power categories.

5. Contest call

6. Exchange
F stations send RST+Dept (or Prefix for overseas French stations) Ex for F6XXX:  59(9) 75
Ex for FM5XX:  59(9) FM

Non-F stations send RST + serial number (beginning with 001)

7. Scoring
•    QSO Points: each F station count one point from same continent or three points with other continent.
•    Multipliers: Sum of departments + DOM/TOM worked per band.
•    Final score: QSO points X multipliers = final score

Ex: 547 qso points, 224 departments, 4 DOM/TOM (224 + 4) x 547 = 124 716

8 Log submission
•    The log files must be emailed in Cabrillo format.


The e-mail containing the log will be automatically acknowledged by the server and entrants will be informed about process of log-checking.

•    See here for specs:
•    Hand writing logs only could be send to the adjudicator. Please refer to our web site for the mailing address:
•    All log entries must be postmarked no later than 30 days after the contest

9 Awards:
•    A classification will be established for each continent.
•    A certificate will be awarded for each station with almost 100 valids QSOs.


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