Saturday, September 24, 2011

IOTA Most Wanted List by RSGB

This list shows the Island Groups that have been claimed by less than 15 percent of IOTA participants. Special rules apply to activations from these groups.

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Reference number Group Name Main prefix % Claimed
AF-102 Erongo / Hardap Region Group V5 0.0
AF-105 Nyanga Province Group TR 0.0
AF-106 Cote d'Ivoire Group TU 0.0
AF-107 Cuanza Sul / Benguela Province Group D2 0.0
AF-108 Namibe Province Group D2 0.0
AF-109 Nile Delta and Sinai Region Group SU 0.0
AF-110 Red Sea Coast South Group SU 0.0
AF-111 Liberia Group EL 0.0
AF-112 Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre Group 5A 0.0
AF-113 Mediterranean Sea Coast East Group 5A 0.0
AF-114 Halaib Triangle Group ST 0.0
AF-115 Red Sea State Group ST 0.0
AF-116 Gulf of Aden West Group T5 0.0
AF-117 Gulf of Aden East Group T5 0.0
AN-019 Balleny Islands Various 0.0
AN-020 Scott Island Various 0.0
AN-021 Shag Rocks VP8 0.0
AS-175 Gujarat State West group VU 0.0
AS-176 Gujarat State East group VU 0.0
AS-178 Andhra Pradesh State North group VU 0.0
AS-179 Orissa State group VU 0.0
AS-180 Balochistan Province group AP 0.0
AS-181 Sindh Province group AP 0.0
AS-182 Mon Region group XZ 0.0
AS-183 Tenasserim Region North group XZ 0.0
AS-184 Preparis Channel group XZ 0.0
AS-187 Gulf of Aden East group 7O 0.0
AS-188 Khuzestan Province group EP 0.0
AS-189 Bushehr Province group EP 0.0
AS-190 Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) group HZ 0.0
AS-191 Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) group HZ 0.0
AS-194 Senkaku Islands JA6 0.0
AS-195 P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province group P5 0.0
AS-196 Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province group P5 0.0
AS-197 Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province group P5 0.0
AS-198 Kangwon-do Province group P5 0.0
NA-232 St Matthew Island KL 0.0
NA-240 Bethel County group KL 0.0
NA-242 North Slope County West group KL 0.0
NA-244 Marias Islands XE1 0.0
NA-245 Rocas Alijos Islands XE2 0.0
OC-271 Babar Islands YB8 0.0
OC-272 Barat Daya Islands YB8 0.0
OC-273 Gorong and Watubela Islands YB8 0.0
OC-274 Lucipara and Penyu Islands YB8 0.0
OC-275 Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands South YB9 0.0
OC-276 Mapia Islands YB9 0.0
OC-285 Stewart Islands [ AKA Sikaiana Atoll ] H4 0.0
OC-286 Antipodes Islands ZL 0.0
OC-287 Bounty Islands ZL 0.0
OC-288 Nihoa Island KH6;KH7 0.0
OC-289 Necker Island KH6;KH7 0.0
OC-290 Gardner Pinnacles KH6;KH7 0.0
OC-291 Laysan Island KH6;KH7 0.0
OC-292 Lisianski Island KH6;KH7 0.0
OC-293 Pearl and Hermes Atoll KH6;KH7 0.0
OC-294 Sandy Island VK 0.0
SA-095 O'Higgins / Maule region group CE4 0.0
SA-096 Chubut Province North group LU 0.0
AN-014 Berkner Island Various 0.2
AF-028 Socotra 7O 0.3
AS-016 Gulf of Aden West group 7O 0.6
AF-041 Egmont Group VQ9 0.8
SA-097 Diego Ramirez Islands CE9 0.8
OC-068 Snares Islands ZL 0.9
OC-278 Ujelang Atoll V7 0.9
OC-190 Rose Atoll KH8 2.4
SA-031 Wollaston & Hermite Islands CE9 2.7
AS-009 Red Sea Coast group 7O 2.9
NA-235 Semidi Islands KL 2.9
EU-189 Isle of Rockall GM;MM 3.3
AS-069 Iony Island R0C 3.7
OC-216 Ashmore and Cartier Islands VK9 3.8
NA-239 Northern Alaska Peninsula East group KL 3.9
AS-092 Bering Sea Coast South group R0K 4.2
OC-105 Cagayan de Sulu group DU8 4.5
OC-109 Natuna Selatan Islands [ AKA Subi Besar Islands ] YB5 4.5
OC-113 Actaeon group FO 4.6
OC-188 Pangutaran group DU8 4.7
AS-061 Ratmanova (Big Diomede) Island R0K 4.9
OC-122 Tambelan Islands YB5 4.9
AS-033 Nicobar Islands VU 5.2
AF-058 Salomon Group VQ9 5.3
NA-070 Rat Islands KL 5.3
AF-101 Red Sea Coast North Group SU 5.7
NA-226 Colima / Michoacan State group XE1 5.8
AN-018 Palmer Land West (Alexander Island) group Various 5.9
NA-043 Nunavut (Sverdrup Islands) group VY0 6.0
NA-153 Yucatan State group XE3 6.0
AS-111 The Gulf group HZ 6.1
OC-219 Tukangbesi Islands YB8 6.1
OC-179 Duff Islands H40 6.4
OC-282 Vostok and Flint Islands T32 6.4
OC-218 Matthew and Hunter Islands FK 6.6
SA-048 Sucre State East group YV7; 4M7 6.9
AF-076 Bayelsa / Rivers / Akwa Ibom etc States Group 5N 7.0
AS-071 Bering Sea Coast North group R0K 7.0
NA-159 Nunavut (King George Islands) group VY0 7.0
AS-048 De Longa Islands R0Q 7.4
NA-210 Nome County Centre group KL 7.4
AF-052 Indian Ocean Coast South T5 7.6
AF-062 Suakin Archipelago ST 7.6
SA-099 Curacao Island PJ2 7.6
NA-229 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Quebec Coast) North East group VY0 7.8
OC-157 Banda Islands YB8 7.8
NA-179 Guadalupe Island XE2 7.9
OC-225 Turtle Islands DU8 8.0
AS-088 Qatar group A7 8.2
NA-236 Sanak Islands KL 8.2
NA-171 Sinaloa State group XE2 8.5
NA-238 Southern Alaska Peninsula Centre group KL 8.5
AS-172 Sea of Okhotsk Coast North group R0C 8.8
SA-083 Salas y Gomez Island CE0; XR0 8.8
NA-234 Islands of Four Mountains KL 8.9
OC-174 Tawi Tawi group DU8 8.9
NA-172 North Slope County North group KL 9.0
OC-055 French Frigate Shoals KH6;KH7 9.1
OC-098 Pukapuka Atoll [ AKA Danger Islands ] E5 9.1
OC-246 Leti and Sermata Islands YB8 9.1
OC-208 Banggai Islands YB8 9.2
AS-104 Kara Sea Coast East group R0B 9.3
NA-223 Gracias a Dios Department group HR 9.3
OC-076 Sula Islands YB8 9.3
OC-204 Enggano Island YB4 9.3
AS-050 Sergeya Kirova Islands R0B 9.5
AS-087 Arkticheskogo Instituta Islands R0B 9.6
AS-193 Farasan Islands HZ 9.8
NA-189 Nayarit / Jalisco State group XE1 10.4
NA-241 Wade-Hampton County group KL 10.4
OC-264 Maria Island FO 10.5
AS-082 Laptev Sea Coast Centre group R0Q 10.6
NA-231 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Ontario Coast) North group VY0 10.6
NA-121 Dillingham / Bristol Bay County group KL 10.7
OC-280 Starbuck Island T32 10.7
OC-175 Sarangani Islands DU9 10.9
AF-095 Cameroon Group TJ 11.0
AS-029 Lyakhovskiye Islands R0Q 11.0
OC-194 New South Wales State North group VK2 11.0
OC-215 Mentawai Islands YB5 11.0
OC-281 Caroline Island [ AKA Millennium Island ] T32 11.1
AF-068 Western Sahara South Group CN, S0 11.3
NA-215 Northwest Arctic County group KL 11.3
OC-052 Duke of Gloucester Islands FO 11.4
OC-257 Nuguria Islands P2 11.4
NA-216 Northern Alaska Peninsula West group KL 11.5
AN-013 Trinity Peninsula group Various 11.6
AS-140 Khulna / Barisal Region group S2 11.6
OC-279 Malden Island T32 11.8
NA-211 Oregon State group W7 11.9
OC-277 Sorol Atoll V6 12.0
NA-064 Near Islands (Agattu and Attu) group KL 12.1
NA-237 Southern Alaska Peninsula East group KL 12.1
NA-207 Nunavut (Hudson Bay - Ontario Coast) South group VY0 12.2
OC-168 Russell Islands H4 12.2
NA-187 California State Centre (Monterey / San Luis Obispo County) group W6 12.3
OC-222 Obi Islands YB8 12.3
AS-164 East Siberian Sea Coast West group R0Q 12.4
OC-099 Tabar Islands P2 12.4
OC-217 Kangean Islands YB3 12.4
OC-238 Pukarua and Reao Atolls FO 12.4
AF-100 Bas-Congo Province Group 9Q 12.5
AS-063 Laptev Sea Coast East group R0B 12.5
OC-224 Tanimbar Islands YB8 12.5
AS-177 Goa State group VU 12.6
OC-166 Kalimantan's Coastal Islands East YB7 12.6
AS-199 Andhra Pradesh State South group VU 12.6
OC-062 Pukapuka Atoll FO 12.7
OC-253 Hall Islands V6 12.7
NA-157 Valdez Cordova County East group KL 12.8
OC-094 Disappointment Islands FO 12.8
OC-145 Halmahera group YB8 12.8
NA-200 Quintana Roo State South group XE3 12.9
NA-233 Delarof Islands KL 12.9
NA-150 Little Diomede Island KL 13.0
OC-191 Niuatoputapu Island A3 13.0
SA-038 Atol Das Rocas PY0R 13.0
AF-077 Western Cape Province South Group ZS 13.1
NA-212 Pacific Ocean Coast group YN 13.1
OC-214 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) East group VK6 13.1
NA-214 Nome County South group KL 13.2
AS-127 Chittagong Region group S2 13.3
OC-247 Sabalana and Tengah Islands YB8 13.3
OC-101 Feni Islands P2 13.4
OC-226 Mwokil and Pingelap Atolls [ AKA Mokil and Pingelap Atolls ] V6 13.4
OC-260 Oroluk Atoll V6 13.4
AS-163 Laptev Sea Coast East group R0Q 13.5
NA-230 Nunavut (Ottawa Islands) group VY0 13.5
OC-268 Laut Kecil Islands YB7 13.5
AS-167 Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region group XZ 13.6
NA-004 North Slope County Centre group KL 13.6
OC-119 Jolo group DU8 13.6
AS-142 Sea of Okhotsk Coast group R0Z 13.8
AS-185 Gulf of Tongking South group 3W 13.8
NA-158 Kenai - Cook Inlet group KL 13.8
OC-132 East Yap group V6 13.8
OC-163 Vanikolo and Utupua Islands H40 13.8
OC-267 Coral Sea Islands Territory North VK9 13.8
OC-103 St Matthias group P2 13.9
OC-249 Aru Islands YB8 13.9
NA-184 California State North (Del Norte to Mendocino County) group W6 14.0
OC-239 Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands West YB9 14.0
SA-054 Orchila Island YV5; 4M5 14.0
NA-178 California State Centre (Sonoma to Santa Cruz County) group W6 14.1
NA-218 Las Tunas / Holguin / Santiago de Cuba Province group CO8 14.1
OC-167 Kapingamarangi Atoll V6 14.1
AS-055 Vize Island R0B 14.2
NA-193 Yukon Territory group VY1 14.2
NA-227 Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) West group VY0 14.2
OC-209 Talaud Islands YB8 14.2
OC-263 Taongi Atoll [ AKA Bokaak Atoll ] V7 14.2
OC-051 Rapa and Marotiri Islands FO 14.3
AS-143 Hainan Province (Xisha Islands) group [ AKA Paracel Islands ] BY7 14.4
OC-250 Masalembu Islands YB3 14.4
AF-070 Karas Region Group V5 14.5
OC-108 Anambas Islands YB5 14.5
SA-056 Esmeraldas Province group HC4 14.5
NA-197 Kenai Peninsula County group KL 14.6
OC-180 Ngulu Atoll V6 14.6
AS-065 Chukchi Sea Coast East group R0K 14.7
OC-198 Northern Territory (Gulf of Carpentaria) South group VK8 14.7
NA-074 Nunivak Island KL 14.8
NA-152 Nome County North group KL 14.8
OC-189 Ringgold Islands 3D2 14.8
AF-079 Eastern Cape Province Group ZS 14.9
AS-173 Tamil Nadu State group VU 14.9
OC-057 Maupihaa group FO 14.9

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