Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spiderbeam 26m fiberglass pole

Spiderbeam 26m fiberglass pole

We are excited to present the newest and tallest addition to our family of high quality fiberglass masts - the incredible 26m pole!
This pole is built very similar to our well proven 12m and 18m fiberglass poles, and carefully designed to maintain low weight and perfect balance. During extensive testing for several months on the Baltic sea coast the prototype has weathered all storms without any problems and we feel ready offering this product to the market. Click the photo below for a fullsize view of the pole installed on the test site.

high strength professional telescopic fiberglass pole
fully extracted length (height)
26m (85ft)
transportation length
2.00m (6ft 6")
18kg (40lbs)
bottom diameter
108mm (4 1/4")
top diameter
4mm (1/6")
wall thickness
1mm - 2.5mm
(1/25" - 1/10")
number of segments
pole material
black fiberglass, UV protected
specially reinforced multilayer winding

This pole puts serious 160m activities into a new perspective!
Just add a few top hat wires and enjoy operating with a fullsize 160m vertical that can be put up within less than an hour. This pole opens the door to building portable 160m 4-square arrays and other serious low band fun like vertikal dipole arrays on 40m, or a 20/15/10m 1el quad at 20m height above ground, etc. Our vertical junction box / radial plate makes building wire verticals very easy.
The following VIDEO shows how to install the 26m pole with two persons ... with some experience it is also possible for one person alone:

For those who can not see the above video, here is a brief description:
  • put the mast together on the ground, but leave the bottom 4 sections retracted.
  • walk up the mast into its vertical position and loosely tighten the guy lines.
  • push the telescopic sections always approx 50cm up until the guy lines are tight, and fasten the clamp so the segment doesnt slide down anymore.
  • loosen one or two guy lines a little bit again.
  • push the segment again approx 0.5m up until the guy lines are tight, and fasten the clamp.
  • ... repeat these steps until all 4 bottom segments are fully extended.
  • fix / align the guy lines and you are done.
The pole comes complete with a set of 14 rubber padded stainless steel clamps and 3 guy rings made from strong belts, for guying the mast above the 4th segment, above the 7th segment, and above the 11th segment. The best suitable rope for the lower two guy lines (above segment nr. 4 and 7) is our 2mm Kevlar rope. For the upper guy line (above segment nr. 11), our thin 1mm Kevlar rope is suited best.

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