Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is an OptiBeam?

What is an OptiBeam?

An Optibeam is.................Electrical Properties

Optimal performance is achieved by the following electrical properties:

Highest efficiency

Optimum band coverage which means nearly constant gain, and pattern and low VSWR.

Direct 50 Ohms at the feedpoint with all driven elements fed using a single feedline.

Constancy of the characteristics under all weather-conditions

High power handling capable

Choice of high power Baluns

Real RF Insulators large RF conductors, excellent machined parts which allow perfect electrical contact over time.

An Optibeam is ..............Mechanical Quality throughout

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are furthermore distinguish by the following mechanical qualities:

Specially configured, stable and German machined element brackets with real RF insulators

Slender but strong and stable square-booms

Perfectly fitting element sections and the use of stainless steel hardware

Clamps of highest quality, value, and machining excellence.

An Optibeam is................Physical Properties

By these technical qualities special physical properties are achieved:

High stability of the entire system

Elements perfectly aligned and secured against twisting

Minimal element droop

They just plain look great! Even your neighbor may like it!

An Optibeam is:...........Avoiding disadvantages of other antenna systems

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas avoids the disadvantages of other common multi-band antenna systems:

Trap antennas have losses, noticeable reduced band coverage, reduction of efficiency over the years and limited power-handling capabilities.

Log-Periodic antennas - acceptable gain is only achieved on longer booms and unwanted harmonics are radiated.

Quads and other wire antennas tend to have losses because of their thin wire elements and they don't show an optimum band coverage.

Antennas with “open” feed-systems don’t show full band coverage concerning constant gain, unchanging radiation-pattern and low SWR and furthermore don’t have optimum efficiency. They can also be very difficult to tune on all bands.

Gain figures

Gain figures for OptiBeam Multiband Antennas are by means of NEC code software the calculated values have been verified and therefore don't represent exaggeration at all. They don't have too.

Because of the design, the low loss feed system, and the attention to detail gain figures quoted are realized equal to that of mono-banders of equivalent size.


The assembly of OptiBeam multi-band antennas is done easily and quickly due to specially pre-worked and pre-assembled parts.

OptiBeam multi-band antennas are reliable, strong, and will put a smile on the face of the most demanding ham.

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