Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Opti Wire Beam

Opti Wire Beam

small - light - inobtrusive - but as strong as an ox 

 maximum performance by a modern computer optimized design
optimum element order and element positioning
 integration of powerful Moxon structures
use of the special and loss free OptiBeam multiband driver feed system
 Mechanically stable, no cheap and ugly "wire mess"
Only  the best materials are used for quality
use of many carefully planned machine worked precision parts
Unique design for a robust and optically attractive frame
assembly within 1 hour, no annoying tuning, no fiddling around

all elements are completely prepared (no fussing with a roll of wire)
all elements are pre installed in the center
total pre assembly of all components
perfect pre adjustment of the entire truss system
 the ultimate solution for limited space, a critical neighborhood, and for portable use !!!

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