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Gain 2.14 dbi (i=Isotropic Radiator) Or Gain 0 dbd With Broadside Bidirectional Low Angle Radiation (DX) Pattern If Mounted 1/2 Wavelength Off Of Ground, A Higher Angle (RAG CHEW AND SOME DX) If Mounted 1/4 Wavelength Off Of Ground, A High Angle Cloud Warmer (RAG CHEW) If Mounted Less Then 1/4 Wavelength Off Of The Ground.


The W5GI Multiband 80-6m Mystery Antenna

A multiband wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software... The design of the Mystery antenna was inspired by an article written by James E. Taylor, W2OZH, in which he described a low profile collinear coaxial array. This antenna covers 80 to 6 meters with low feed point impedance and will work with most radios, with or without an antenna tuner. It is approximately 100 feet long, can handle the legal limit. It’s similar to a G5RV but a much better performer especially on 20 meters. The W5GI Mystery antenna, erected at various heights and configurations, is currently being used by thousands of amateurs throughout the world. Feedback from users indicates that the antenna has met or exceeded all performance criteria. The “mystery” part of the antenna comes from the fact that it is difficult, if not impossible, to model and explain why the antenna works as well as it does. The antenna is especially well suited to hams who are unable to erect towers and rotating arrays. All that's needed is two vertical supports (trees work well) about 100 feet apart to permit installation of wire antennas at about 25 feet above ground. The W5GI Multiband Mystery Antenna is a fundamentally a collinear antenna comprising three half waves in-phase on 20 meters with a half-wave 20 meter line transformer. It may sound and looks like a G5RV but it is a substantially different antenna on 20 meters. Louis Varney’s antenna, although three half waves long, was an out-of-phase aerial. Mr. Varney had two specific reasons for selecting a 3 half waves on 20... he wanted a four-lobe radiation pattern, at least unity gain and a low feed point impedance. The Mystery Antenna, on the other hand, presents a six-lobe pattern on 20 meters, gain broadside to the antenna, and also low feed point impedance to simplify matching the antenna to the rig. Additionally, the Mystery antenna is designed to work at least as well, on the other HF bands as a G5RV. In short, the Mystery antenna is a sky wire that incorporates the advantages of a 3 element collinear and the G5RV antenna. In its standard configuration, a collinear antenna uses phase reversing stubs added at the ends of a center fed dipole. These stubs put the instantaneous RF current in the end elements in phase with that in the center element. In addition I am happy to announce we now offer the 75 ohm line isolator/quarter wave matching section of coax which W5GI recommends to flatten out the swr on 20 meters. This is a handy accessory if you plan on doing a lot of 20 meter work with the antenna. It enables the user to load the antenna without an antenna tuner. The swr is usually very close to 1:1 over a large portion of the 20m band. It connect between the 300 ohm line and the coax that goes to transmitter and has no effect on any other band.


We are now proud to offer the classic Folded Dipole for use on 40 or 80 Meters. These well constructed antennas are excellent performers on which ever band that you choose. Each is contructed from High quality 300 ohm transmit ladderline NOT the flimsy TV wire that has been commonly used by others in the past. Other components consist of schedual #40 PVC and galvanized steel eye screws. Each antenna comes with soldering lugs installed at the end of the feedline for easy connection to a balun or your antenna tuning unit. This is an excellent way to high performance on a single band AND a little wider band coverage than with a single band dipole!! So what are you waiting for? Have that big signal that you have always wanted on the band.


Gain 3 db Over A Simple Dipole With A Low Angle (DX) Narrow Beam like Broadside Bidirectional Radiation Pattern If Mounted 1/2 Or 1/4 Wavelength Off Of Ground. This Antenna Comes With A Short Length Of Parallel Feed Line (cut for a specific frequency),K4TR Center Insulator, A 3M Ladderline To Coax Coupling Device(registered trademark), End Insulators, Details For Construction Of A Coaxial Choke Balun, And High Quality Stranded Copper Wire (not copperweld). All That Is Left Is To Connect The Feedline To The Antenna Tuner In The Shack And You Will Be Ready To Transmit On The Band The Antenna Was Selected For. It Must Be Emphasized That The DEZ-40L Antenna, With The Short Run Of Parallel Feedline And Choke Balun, Can Be Used In A Multiband Configuration. However Care Must Be Taken During The Tune Up Procedure As Extremly High Voltages Can Develope During Off Band Operations!!! It Is Highly Recommended That If The DEZ-L Models Of This Antenna Are To Be Used For Multiband Operation, A Balanced Antenna Tuning Network Be Used Connected Directly To Short Run Of Balanced Feedline Or To A Bulun And A Short Run Of Coax To Insure Best Results.


This Classic Antenna Consists Of A 125 Foot End Fed Flat Top Wire With 50 Feet Of Parallel Feed Line. Excellent Antenna For Places Where A Centered Fed Dipole Is Not Practical. This Antenna Can Also Be Used With A Conventional "T" antenna Tuner. No Special Equipment To Purchase Or Construct. Just Put Up, Hook It Up To Your Parallel Output Of your Current Antenna Tuner And Begin Working Your Friends On The Band! For those who do not have space to erect a full size Zepp, we offer a half size version that also tunes 80-10 meters. Just 66 feet in length and 30 feet of 300 ohm ladder line to a tuner will give a respectable signal out on all the amateur bands 40-10 meters.


A Multiband Antenna That Enjoyed Considerable Popularity in The 1930's was Named for the Amateur Who Wrote a Comprehensive Article About It. The Antenna Consists Of A Half Wave Length Antenna on the Lowest Frequencey to Used, With a "Single Wire Feeder" Connected Off Center. The Antenna will Operate on the even Harmonic Frequencies, and Thus the Single Antenna Can be made to Serve on The 80-10 Meters Bands. The Single Wire Feeder Shows an Impedence of Approximately 600 Ohms to Ground, and Since The The Return is Through The Earth, a "Good Ground Connection" is Important to The Effective Operation of This Antenna. The Second Requirement is an External Antenna Tuner to match The SWR to The 50 ohm Output Of the Modern Transceivers. We Offer another Model of the off center fed antenna which Uses 300 ohm 1KW Rated Ladder line Instead of a Single Wire Feedline Attached To The Balanced Output Of The Antenna Tuner. This antenna is Configured Exactly the same as Our Other Model Just a Different Feed System and The Neccessity For "good" Ground system" Is Not High On The List of Required Elements To make The Antenna Work well. Either Antenna Is A good Choice For Multiband Operation. You Should Be Pleasantly SSurprised At Just How Well This Antenna works.


We Use 102 Feet Of #14 Stranded Wire For the Flat Top And "Are Proud To Announce The Upgrade To A 30 Foot Section Of 300 Ohm 1kw Ladder Line" For The Tuning Stub. No BALUN Is Used As A BALUN Dramatically Reduces All Band Operation And Transmit Efficiency. This Very Popular Antenna Has A Broadside Bidirectional Low Angle Radiation (DX) Pattern If Mounted 1/2 Wavelength Off Of Ground At Lowest Operating Frequency, A Higher Angle (RAG CHEW AND SOME DX) If Mounted 1/4 Wavelength Off Of Ground, A High Angle Cloud Warmer (RAG CHEW) If Mounted Less Then 1/4 Wavelength Off Of The Ground. For Those Amateurs Who Have Limited Space And Still What To Get On The Some Of The Lower Frequency Bands A Half Size Junior Model Is Now Available. Made To The Same High Standards As The Full Size G5RV Except That The Total Size Of The Flat-top Portion Is Only 52ft!! Great For A Small City Lot In "1/4 Acreville". We Also Stock The 160 meter Version Of This Antenna Which Has a 204 ft Flat-Top Portion. This Antenna Like All The Larger Antenna's Are Made To Order And Are Shipped Very Soon After Payment Is Recieved.

G5RV WARC MULTIBAND 30/12 meter Dipole

This New Item Was Designed To Be Used On The WARC Bands 30-12 Meters. This Antenna Was Designed And Constructed Keeping In Mind The High Standards Of Quality And Durability That All Our K4TR Products Must Meet. Centered On The 17 meter Band, We Use 77 Feet Of #14 Stranded Wire For the Flat Top And 15 Feet Of 300 Ohm Twin Lead For The Tuning Stub. This Antenna Will Tune On The Other Bands In Between The WARC Frequencies But This Fuctions The Best On Its Designed Bands. Other Than These Design Changes The Antenna Now Becomes A Member Of The Family Of Fine D&G Products!!!!


This made to order classic antenna is a superb performer. I can be constructed as a single band antenna fed with coax or a multiband antenna feed with kilowatt ladder line. Either configuration would be a great addition to your "antenna farm". Feedback from some of my customer report that this antenna has an extremley low noise pick up on the lower frequencies ande is excellent performer on the upper frequencies for Dx. The choice is yours. Either the multiband version or the single band version would be a great choice.


Classical dipole design with multiple elements that allows two band operation. Each antenna is a full electrical half wave one each band. Made of the same high qulity materials as the regular D&G Dipole Antennas and can be fed with maximum legal power. The only difference is there are two more elements. Either choose an antenna from the list below or choose your own band combination. Either way you will enjoy many hours of operation on each amateur band.

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