Tuesday, August 2, 2011



FIRST TOWER, CREATE CL-20DX Antenna Yagi 5 element 20m band, for CREATE CY-782 Antenna Yagi 2 element 80m band  and NAGARA A-240SII Antenna Yagi 2 element 40m band, but not yet installed

SECOND TOWER, CREATE CL-40DX Antenna Yagi 4 element 40m band, for  CREATE CD-78 Antenna Rotary 2 element 80m band but not yet installed

THIRD TOWER , CUBEX MARK IV Antenna Quad 4 element 5 band ( 10m ,12m ,15m, 17m, 20m band)

FOURTH TOWER, CRAETE CL-15DXX Antenna Yagi 7 element 15m band

FIFTH TOWER, CREATE CL-10DX Antenna Yagi 6 element 10m band, KLM 6M-7LB Antenna Yagi 7 element 6m band,

SIXTH TOWER, AVANTI AV-146 Antenna Cross Yagi 6 element 10/11m band

Another Tower for LAMDA MV4S YAGI multi-beam 4x13 element 2m band

Still on grounded, not yet installed :
10m band, 3 pieces antenna, 6 element fixed to JA/NA, EU/AS, AF/SA
15m band, 2 pieces antenna, 7 element and 9 element
20m band, 2 pieces antenna, 4 element and 5 element
40m band, 2 pieces antenna, 2 element and 4 element
80m band, 2 pieces antenna, 1 element and 2 element

                                                                  Antenna Receiving Loop 160m / 80m band

                                                                         Matching Unit for 160M band

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