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Biawak Island - OC-237 - IDO-074


OC-237, Biawak Island , NEW island
IDO-074 Biawak LightHouse, New LH

November 7 - 14, 2019
5° 55' 59.7756'' S 108° 22' 50.0304'' E,  Grid OI44eb CQ28 ITU54

Pulau Biawak (Pulau Rakit) {Boompjes Eiland}
1911 (station established 1872). Active; focal plane 54 m (177 ft); white flash every 15 s. 50 m (164 ft) 16-sided cast iron skeletal tower with lantern, gallery, and central cylinder. Although listed by NGA as black and white, the lighthouse is now painted all white. An excellent photo, another photo , and a view from the sea are available, and Google has a fuzzy satellite view. Located on a small island about 65 km (40 mi) northeast of Kandanghaur in the Java Sea. Site status unknown. ARLHS IDO-074; Admiralty K1084; NGA 23460.

Biawak Islands is an island located in the Java Sea in Regency of West Java. Biawak Island is located north of the Inrdamayu peninsula about 40 kilometers from the north coast of Indramayu, [1] and is administratively included in the Indramayu district, Indramayu district.  Lat Log -5.933271, 108.380564, GPS 5° 55' 59.7756'' S 108° 22' 50.0304'' E,  Grid OI44eb

The Lizard Islands, comprising three islands, are: Biawak Island, Candikian Island, Gosong Island

Lizard Island is one of the interesting places to visit. [1] The land area of ​​120 hectares is also rich in mangrove plants that are green and densely seen from a height. [1] The name of the islands is taken from the many monitor lizards that live in these islands. [3]

The islands can be taken in about 3 to 4 hours using a motor boat from Karangsong port, Indramayu. The island is famous as a marine tourist attraction with beautiful marine and ornamental fish parks and beautiful coral reefs.

Actually the name of the island is Rakit Island, but by the Indramayu Regency Government it is called Biawak Island because on this island many wild animals are found, which are their characteristics, namely monitor lizard (Varanus salvator). These animals are unique because they live in saltwater habitats. Every time the sun goes down, dozens of lizards with a length of between 20 centimeters to 1.5 meters can be seen swimming on the beach. The animals are indeed fishing for their food needs.

Besides being referred to as Biawak Island, this island is also referred to as Menyawak Island and Bompyis Island.

The island has a unique tourist charm, because the corals are still 'virgin' and alive. Among the four islands, only Biawak Island is still intact in everything. While the other three islands are only coral reefs. Gosong Island, for example, was damaged because millions of cubic meters of coral material were taken to reduce the location of the Pertamina Balongan VI refinery.

The existence of this island is very dangerous for the shipping lanes of ships passing through the islands. So no wonder, the Dutch during the colonization of the Indonesian archipelago, erected lighthouse towers. The lighthouse with a height of about 65 meters was built by ZM Willem in 1872. [4] Until now, the building still functions to guide large and small ships that pass. Seeing the age of the building, the lighthouse is estimated to be the same age as the lighthouse on Anyer Beach.

Besides Biawak Island, this area also offers the beauty of Gosong Island and Candikian Island. Gosong Island is about half an hour from Biawak Island. Candikian Island is also 30 minutes from Biawak Island. Unlike the Biawak Island, the two islands are uninhabited. In fact, Gosong Island, which is actually wider than Biawak Island, has only a few square meters left. The island is often used to meditate with the aim of finding wealth and the like. The island was "lost" due to dredging for the construction of Pertamina's Balongan Exor I VI Processing Unit around the 1980s.

Seeing its natural potential, this area can satisfy hunters the pleasure of tourism. This beautiful island is truly a virgin at this time. For about four hours from Indramayu to that location, for example, there is no special boat available. Even if renting, visitors have to spend around Rp 1.000.000 for a fishing boat with a capacity of around ten people. In addition, there is also no pier that makes it easy for visitors to reach the shore at high tide. In addition, there are also no rest houses that can be rented by tourists.



Radio TS-570, FT-450, IC-718, SDR 100W homemade
Antenna Vertical 43 feet, Vertical 25mtr, inverted L 100mtr, Hustler 5BTV
Mode mainly on FT8 as well as on CW n SSB
QRV 10m - 160m band

QSL Info :
special qsl card design for dxpedition will be issued

OQRS via YE1AR Clublog
QSM via N2OO Bob Schenck

YC1KK/P, YC1BIQ/P, YB1MAE/P via Homecall


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