Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ten Commandments for Contesters

Ten Commandments for Contesters

Log every QSO
Not logging a QSO just because it is a zero-pointer for you (or you think it is a dupe) is rude, unfair to the other op, and ultimately self-defeating.

Play by the rules
Use your national rules, and the rules of the contest, even if you think they are stupid.

Ask before CQing
A CW "QRL?" takes about 2 seconds at 30 wpm, and listening for an answer before launching your CQ takes another second. On phone, it's just as quick.

Repeat on Request
Repeats are a fact of life. Repeat only what information is requested. Everyone knows they are 59/599.

Speed kills. If someone isn't copying you at 40 WPM, and it's usually easy enough to tell, QRS for them. Why go through multiple repeats when one at 26 will do the trick?

Listen for YOUR callsign
If the station you are calling says "The Whiskey Five again", and your callsign doesn't contain "W5", don't say a word. Standby! You will only cause QRM and slow the rate for everyone.

Operate Lots of Contests
We all have our favorite contests, but if everyone only operated their favorite contests there would not be many people on the air to work. Even a short appearance in a contest that might not be that important to you will help make it a better contest for those who are serious in that contest.

Do not ask to be spotted on DX Cluster or self-spot
It is an easy to do thing, but in most contests it is breaking the rules
I was once doing this as cluster was a new tool and it became a habit Once I was politely reminded on the air it helped me remember Embarrassment does that :)

-- submitted by Steve KG5VK
Give your call sign frequently while running
If not every QSO, do so at least every third one. There are many operators in the unassisted category listening for it. Many packet spots contain errors in the call. This means that people may try to work a station based on incorrect call sign data resulting in duplicate contacts. Signing your call often can prevent these needless dupes.

Call with your complete call sign
Calling with the "last two" is a bad habit, wastes everybody's time, and probably violates regulations somewhere.

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