Friday, May 22, 2015

YF1AR/7 IDO-384 OC-268 Laut Kecil Islands


IDO-384 Payongpayongan LightHouse ( new LH )
OC-268  Payongpayongan Island - Laut Kecil Islands
OC-268 Marabatua aka Moresa Island - Laut Kecil Islands
May 30 - June 2,2015
4'22'S 115'48"E OI75vp CQ28 ITU54
4'22'S 115'50"E OI75wo CQ28 ITU54

IDO - 384 Payongpayongan LightHouse

Pulau Sembilan is a Kotabaru District in South Kalimantan. This district is unique because it has the 9 remote islands and furthest from Kotabaru. This region even become the outermost regions of South Kalimantan and directly adjacent to the island of Java.

There are 5 villages in District Pulau Sembilan , namely Tengah village, Tanjung Nyiur village, Sungai Teluk village, West Labuan village and Maradapan village.

Tengah village and the Tanjung Nyiur village is the most populous village which is located on the island Marabatuan who also became the capital of the District Pulau Sembilan. While Sungai Teluk and West Labuan village located on the island Matasirih. Both villages Malaria is endemic villages, so that outsiders rarely dared to go and stay there.

Populated mostly Bugis and Mandar tribe. They are friendly to newcomers and outsiders who entered the village. The Pulau Sembilan are rich in marine products, well-known above all for mackerel, shark fin, crab and egg turtle.



Radio Yaesu FT 450D with tuner FC 707 power 100W
Antenna Vertical 43 feet 40 m band and HB9CV 20-15-10 m band
Mode mainly on Phone as well as on CW n Digital
QRV 10m - 40m band

QSL Info :
special qsl card design for dxpedition will be issued

OQRS via YF1AR Clublog
QSM via N2OO Bob Schenck


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posing at Marabatuan district office, posing at Tanjung Nyiur village office, posing in Perintis ship


radio set up FT450D, FC707, notebook Asus, antenna vertical 43ft put over the beach


Special Thanks
thank you very much for hospitality to my best local friend from Kotabaru OM Herfansyah, my best local friend from Marabatua OM Hasbi, host at Payongpayongan Island OM Sagena, also Tanjung Nyiur highest officer OM Andi


sunrise at Payongpayongan Island, Payongpayongan LH on top hill og the island


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