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YF1AR/7 IDO-105 OC-166 Laut Island


IDO-105 Bukit Balingkar  ( Gunung Lampu) LightHouse
OC-166 Laut Island - South/East Borneo Coastal Islands
May 1 - 3, 2015
3'17"S  115'55E OI86cs CQ28 ITU54

Balingkar Hill (Tanjung Pemancingan Range Rear, Kotabaru) aka Gunung Lampu LH
1901. Active; focal plane 67 m (220 ft); white flash every 5 s. 20 m (66 ft) hexagonal pyramidal skeletal tower with lantern and gallery. The upper part of the lighthouse is painted red, the lower part white. A photo shows the base of the lighthouse, but a cloud shadow obscures Google's satellite view. It's not certain, but it seems likely that the Dutch lighthouse is still in service. We need confirmation of this. Located on a ridge in Kotabaru, near the northern tip of Pulau Laut. Site status unknown, but the lighthouse must be easy to see from nearby. ARLHS IDO-105; Admiralty K1438.1; NGA 24956.

Laut Island is an island in the district Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. Sultanate of Banjar named Poelau-Laoet [1], as the area opposite to the Sea-Land (Land of the Sea). On the island there are KotaBaru which is the capital of the district Kotabaru . Mountains are located on this island is Mount Bamega. Previously, this island is a kingdom of the Kingdom of Sea Island (Poelau Laoet) or Kingdom Sigam. Laut Island  is the largest island of Borneo, located on the east coast, or rather in the southeastern part of the island of Borneo. To measure the Indonesian island is a small island since the Indonesian map is hardly noticeable, administratively has 6 sub-districts and 74 villages and 4 villages in which there is precisely Kotabaru district capital in the north of Laut Island. Laut Island is a buffer mainland coastal erosion of the coastal area of ​​the island of Borneo. Thus, Laut Island contributed to the existence of Gigis coastline in the region of the island of Borneo from the southeast.

Kotabaru District is one of the districts in the province of South Kalimantan , Indonesia . The capital of the district is located in the city of Kotabaru . This district is one of the first districts in Kalimantan province first. And the Dutch East Indies during the Afdeeling Sand en de Land Boemboe the capital of New Town . This district has an area of ​​9442.46 square kilometers and a population of as many as 290 142 people ( Indonesia 2010 census results ) with sea fishermen as much as 15 961 inhabitants . The motto of this area is " Sa - ijaan " ( Banjar language ) which has a meaning : one agreement , one heart and one word.



Radio Yaesu FT 450D with tuner FC 707 power 100W
Antenna Vertical 43 feet 40 m band and HB9CV 20-15-10 m band
Mode mainly on Phone as well as on CW n Digital
QRV 10m - 40m band

QSL Info :
special qsl card design for dxpedition will be issued

OQRS via YF1AR Clublog
QSM via N2OO Bob Schenck


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Jakarta - Banjarmasin SusiAir, Banjarmasin - KotaBaru SusiAir, KotaBaru - Banjarmasin SusiAir, Banjarmasin - Jakarta SusiAir


posing in Baringkar's  LightHouse, posing in Kotabaru coastal's radio station, posing in King Sigam's cemetery


Radio set-up Yaesu FT450D, tuner FC707, Notebook Asus,  and installing 43ft Vertical Antenna over the top of LH 20m height


Special Thanks
thank you very much for hospitality to OM Rochman, Balingkar LH Officer also got supported from local friend from Kotabaru Fire Bridge OM Herfansyah and OM Ahmad


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