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OC-275 South Papua Coastal - New IOTA

OC-275 South Papua Coastal - New IOTA

YF1AR/9 and YB0AI/9 and YD9RQX/p
ARLHS IDO-148 Kimaan LightHouse
OC-275 South Papua Coastal - New IOTA
Kimaan Island ( Kolepom - Dolok -Fredick van Hendrik - Yos Sudarso )
September 10-16, 2013
LAT: 08° 01' S LON: 138° 54' E Gridsquare PI91kx
outer island as "wawasan nusantara"

ARLHS IDO-148 Kimaan LightHouse

Date unknown. Active; focal plane 23 m (75 ft); white flash every 6 s. Approx. 20 m (66 ft) skeletal tower, mounted on a sqaure equipment building. No photo available, but Bing has a satellite view. Located at the base of the town pier at Kimaan, a settlement on Dolok Island, about 165 km (100 mi) west of Merauke.
Site open, tower closed. ARLHS IDO-148; Admiralty K3340.52; NGA 25906.3.

From: Roger Balister
To: Budi Santoso
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 10:32 PM
Subject: RE: RE: logsheet oc275 kimaan island

Hello Budi

Yes, I will be in Moscow for 4 days from tomorrow.

On the basis of the material provided for your Kimaam Island operation we can confirm the issue of IOTA OC-275 for Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands South group. We will accept cards for credit that have the island name printed on them. This covers YF1AR/9, YB0AI/9 and YD9RQX/P. Congratulations on your operation which I am sure is appreciated by the whole IOTA community.

Best regards


Roger Balister, G3KMA


From: Roger Balister ;
To: 'budi santoso' ;
Subject: RE: OC-275 project plan
Sent: Wed, Aug 21, 2013 8:01:43 PM

Dear Budi

Many thanks for the information. It seems that there are a lot of swamps and it may be difficult to get anything more accurate, hi! On the basis of this information and the Google Earth map I will confirm that Yos Sudarso Island (also known as Dolok Island) will count for OC-275 and will add it to the island listings.

This will be an operation of considerable interest to the IOTA community. We hope that everything goes well. We will look for you on the IOTA frequencies (e.g. 14260 and 21260 for SSB and 14040 and 21040 for CW). You will have big pile-ups, so please operate split frequency.

As you know, this will be a first time operation from OC-275. Under IOTA rules first time operations are required to make a minimum 1000 QSOs in 5 continents before we can confirm the issue of OC-275. Also we will require a scan of the licence and any necessary permissions and evidence of presence on the island (e.g. a GPS reading scan, or a picture of an island sign/plaque at the airport? Or transportation invoice). Please do what is possible as I know that this may not be easy.

Good luck and take care

Best regards


Roger Balister, G3KMA

OC-275 South Papua Coastal - New IOTA

Kimaam Island

Location: 7°43'-8°28'S, 137°33'-l38' 53'E; 170 km west of Merauke, Southern Division, Kabupaten Merauke, Irian Jaya.
Area: Game Reserve 600,000 ha.
Altitude: Sea level to 90m.
Description of site:
Pulau Kimaam (also known as Pulau Dolok, Pulau Kolepom and Frederik Hendrik Island also Yos Sudarso ), is a swampy island of about one million ha, separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. Most of the southern two-thirds of the island is wetland, and contains 99,000 ha of mangrove forest, 42,000 ha of freshwater swamps and 42,000 ha of peat swamp. The swamps include both forested swamps and open grassy swamps. Climatic conditions: Humid tropical climate.

Yos Sudarso Island is an island that is included in the district of Merauke, Papua province, Indonesia. The island is separated by a narrow strait from the main island of New Guinea. The island's name comes from a hero TRIKORA, Yos Sudarso, and is also known as the Island Dolok and Island Kimaam. During Dutch colonization, the island called "Frederik Hendrik Island".

Island resembling a leaf is about 165 km in length with an area of ​​11,600 km ².

No. Nama pulau Koordinat titik terluar Perairan Wilayah administrasi Negara terdekat
39. Kolepon 8°12′49″LU 137°41′24″BT Laut Aru Kabupaten Merauke, Papua Australia

West Papua (region)

West Papua or Western New Guinea refers to the Indonesian western half of the island of New Guinea and smaller islands to its west. The region is administered as two provinces:Papua and West Papua. The eastern half of New Guinea is Papua New Guinea.

The population of approximately 3 million comprises ethnic Papuans, Melanesians, and Austronesians. The region is predominantly dense forest where numerous traditional tribes live such as the Dani of the Baliem Valley, although the majority of the population live in or near coastal areas. The largest city in the region is Jayapura. The official and most commonly spoken language is Indonesian. Estimates of the number of tribal languages in the region range from 200 to over 700, with the most widely spoken including Dani, Yali, Ekari and Biak. The predominant religion is Christianity (often combined with traditional beliefs) followed by Islam. The main industries include agriculture, fishing, oil production, and mining.

Speakers align themselves with a political orientation when choosing a name for the western half of the island of New Guinea.[3] "West Papua", which is not the official name for the western half of the island, is preferred by ethnic Papuans.[4][5] The region has had the official names of Netherlands New Guinea (1895–1962), West New Guinea (1962–63), West Irian (1963–73), Irian Jaya (1973–2001), and Papua (2002–2003). When the region was administratively one in Indonesia, Indonesian officials criticised activists' use of the term "West Papua", because they thought that the term implied that the province was not a part of Indonesia. Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid considered his short-lived use of the name "Papua" in 2002 as a concession to the West Papuans.[6] Since 2003, western New Guinea has had two provinces: the province of West Papua on the west, and the province of Papua on the east. Officials and administrators refer to the province when they say "West Papua"; independence activists mean the whole of western New Guinea.[7]


YF1AR/9 Radio Yaesu FT 450D with tuner FC 707 power 100W
Antenna Vertical Dipole 10m-15m-20m band and GroundPlane 40m band 

YB0AI/9 Radio Yaesu FT 857 with tuner and power 100W
Antenna 3 el yagi tribander 10m-15m-20m 

YD9RQX/p Radio ICOM 706MK IIG with tuner and power 100w
Antenna Wire Dipole multiband 10m - 40m band

Mode mainly on Phone as well as on CW n Digital
QRV 10m - 40m band

QSL Info :
qsling via homecalsign operator
special qsl card design for dxpedition will be issued

OQRS via YF1AR Clublog
QSM via N2OO Bob Schenck
QSM via W2FB Steve

please use for Paypal account

your donation is welcomed, the fund will be also used for the next DXpedition, TNX




departing CKG-UPG-DJJ-MKQ using Lion Air, MKQ-KMM using Merpati Air
arriving KMM-MKQ using Merpati Air, MKQ-CKG using Merpati Air

just landed at Merauke airport, welcoming Orari Merauke ham, hanging out with deer satay n gulay, with police officer YB9XOS, with Kimaan Military Commander, Mr Adam family host

Sign Board
gate of Merauke Airport "Mopah", posing in front of Twin Otter 16 seats, posing in Kimaan Military outer island post

Operating Room
using Yaesu FT450D, Icom 706MK IIG, Icom IC718, Yaesu FT 857

Tribander 3 el yagi 12m, 3 el yagi 17m, 2 el yagi 20m @ 5m asl, Vertical 12.5m whip 5/8 on 20m @ 30m asl, Dipole 40m n 80m @ 20m asl, Monobander 2 el yagi 20m @ 20m asl


7.5 DK and 10 DK simultaneous running 24H

Off Air
activity when no propagation, hihihi

police guard, army personnel  also local villager


YF1AR/9, YB0AI/9, YD9RQX/p

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