Saturday, November 17, 2012

Station Contest K5MR

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Looking up at the 15m 6 over 6 over 6 stack
That's the middle yagi in the center of the picture, the top 15m yagi above it, and a 5 el 10m yagi at the top of the tower
15 meter stack
10 meter stack in background

100' 20 meter monobander tower
and three stack towers

The three monobander towers
and wiring shed
The stacks

Read below for the many wire...
...  antennas hidden among the towers
Wire Antennas:
  • 80m 3 element bobtail curtain array broadside NorthEast/SouthWest
  • 80m 3 element bobtail curtain array broadside NorthWest/SouthEast
  • 80m horizontal dipole at 100', broadside East/West
  • 80m 1/4 wave sloper, feedpoint at 65' (off top of 70' 10m tower)
  • 160m 2 each 130' 1/4 wave wire verticals, phased and steerable, 5/8 wave spacing, broadside NorthEast/SouthWest
  • See also the beverage page.
Driving away from K5MR
K5MR towers from a distance

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